10 Characteristics of Great Employees

By | December 19, 2015

What qualities make up a great employee? I often post about how to improve current styles of management, but company culture and employee engagement is a two way street. Here are 10 characteristics that differentiate the B players from the A players.


1. Ambitious

A person who always wants to improve their productivity and will have big goals to guide them in their career path.


2. Autonomous

A person who has the ability to work on task with very little help or reminder from others.


3. Humble

Someone who can stay grounded and not get too arrogant! It’s important to share contributions and achievements with colleagues.


4. Passionate

Someone who has an incredible amount of passion for they are doing. They come to work willing to take on any risks and responsibility and with a positive mindset.


5. Confident

A confident employee is not afraid to take risks because they believe in themselves and their capabilities.


6. Honest

Name me a person who likes a liar! No one! The perfect employee will always speak the truth and submit assignments that they completed to the best of their ability.


7. Creative

Someone who asks unexpected questions and is able to come up with creative, bright and on-top suggestions and solutions.


8. Reliable

A staff member who management and colleagues can always count on, no matter what. An employee who does not listen to anyone but likes to budge in between presents a picture of lack of respect for their boss and colleagues.


9. Driven

Self-driven employees do not need to be pushed to get work done. They have enough stamina to perform outstanding work and usually work hard consistently.


10. Problem Solvers

They fix things that are broken. They take on tough things that others aren’t willing to tackle. They also do not focus on the mundane tasks because these tasks will not bring them the most success in life.



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