10 People Set To Profit From Ashley Madison Hack

By | August 18, 2015

Cybercriminals who stole sensitive customer information from the cheating site AshleyMadison.com appear to have made good on their threat today; the info is public through a Torrent website. That means nearly 40 million names and their secrets have been outed. Here are 10 winners who will profit from the cyberattacks.


1. Class-Action Lawyers

With a reported 40 million users compromised on the dating website, Avid Life Entertainment can expect a tsunami of complaints and lawsuits from victims’ whose lives have been ruined by this data breach.


2. Divorce Lawyers

Even using the low end of the average cost of divorce, $15,000, this hack could prove to be profitable for divorce lawyers. A recent study found that 15% of marriages end because of an affair caused by one of the parties. A completely unscientific analysis would therefore mean that if 15% of Ashley Madison users were to get divorced, it would cost more than $83 billion in legal fees, which means a win situation for divorce lawyers and a lose situation for couples. Nancy Chemtob, a matrimonial lawyer, was already seeing two couples a month that specifically quoted AshleyMadison.com as a factor in the divorce they were seeking. It is set to increase with today’s update.


3. Criminal Lawyers

Adultery is illegal in 20 states. In 2010, Cynthia Shackelford, 60, of Raleigh, sued Anne Lundquist, 49, of Aurora, N.Y., charging that she broke up her marriage. The law that was broken was called “alienation of affection” She was awarded $9 million.


4. Private Investigators

In addition to the uptick at Trustify, private investigators are going to have to work overtime finding out the who and the where of these torrid extra marital affairs.


5. Psychological Services

The situations that could result from the Ashley Madison exposure will put a premium on believable excuses, which is why psychiatrists and psychologists will be in great demand. Getting caught cheating is depressing, maybe not as traumatic as finding out someone you love has cheated on you. Either way, both parties could very likely benefit from getting some help.


6. Hackers

Hackers aren’t going to give away such juicy info for free. They intend to sell online information for huge profit and will perhaps do it to the highest bidder. I can see TheOnion and TMZ wanting their hands on this info. Perhaps also North Korea, the country responsible for the attack on Sony in December, 2014.


7. Jewelers

For many folks, nothing says “I’m sorry” like a an expensive watch or ring. Millions of outed AshleyMadison.com users might just be buying jewelry by the pound to keep their significant other happy.


8. Realtors

No one says “Get out and stay out” quite like a cheated-on spouse. The Ashley Madison user list went public which means whole lot of real estate brokers will just be seeing a major payday.


9. Ashley Madison Competitors

I know a few competitors who are taking advantage of AshleyMadison’s misgivings and making money. Meet2Cheat and iHookup are two websites about tom gain new customers.


10. Florists

It’s no secret that flowers can help ease a tense situation. And if they don’t work, they can easily be sent to a hospital or the garbage dump. Speaking of which… as angry and aggrieved as anyone caught up in this mess, let’s please remember that violence will not resolve anything.

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