10 Rules of Crisis Corporate Management

By | July 25, 2015

Dealing with a crisis like the one Ashley Madison is dealing with right now? Here are ten golden rules you should remember and follow.


Rule #1

Never speculate. Only deal with verified facts and not opinions


Rule 2

Communication is a two-way street, whether you like it or not. Make a good first impression. Do not interrupt when someone else is speaking. Have an open mind and hold your head up high, no matter what the story is.


Rule #3

Real-Time is not just a suggestion but an expectation of your audience – an expectation that will not turn in your favor if unmet.


Rule #4

Being informative is the only way. If you’re not informative somebody else will be – on a channel that your business has zero control over


Rule #5

Listen, listen and listen! Listening to what others have to say and publish, to what they’re not saying and where they are and are not saying it.


Rule #6

When you properly combine real-time and two-way communication you get responsive. Your audience will be responsive and so must you.


Rule #7

Sincerity, honesty and meaningful apologies go a long way. But remember: actions speak louder than words. You have to say what you mean and prove it.


Rule #8

Humans deali1ng with humans. Forget the corporate and legal talk. Forget hiding behind your logo. Your audience expects to hear from the humans behind the brand.


Rule #9

Adaptability and flexibility need to be incorporated into your corporate culture, and not to mention, your crisis management strategy. The digital landscapes are changing often and quickly. Staying stagnant will leave you vulnerable.


Rule #10

Keep everyone in-the loop. Remember to keep your front-line staff informed. Distribute statement to staff and other key people.


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