10 Ways To Break Your iPhone

By | September 1, 2015

Here are horrible situations that could befall your precious iPhone:


10. Touchdown

You are celebrating your favorite team’s winning game. As you raise your hands to celebrate, your phone flies out – landing at your neighbor’s feet – the guy sitting 50ft below you.


9. Spider

You Are innocently watching some television when out of the corner of your eye, you see a spider crawling up. Using the only thing you can find at that moment [your iphone] you strike the spider some 50 times.


8. 6-Pack Abs

You know you should not drop your iPhone on hard surfaces, but how were you supposed to know that your abs were hard enough to damage it?!


7. Screaming

Your best friend just got two tickets to see Bon Jovi. Her scream of excitement shatters your screen and every other window in the house. Remember, it only takes 1 minute to buy a KX case online.


6. Break Dance

You are at your high school reunion and you are there for one reason – to impress everyone. Well two, if you count picking up hot dates on the way. So you decide to bust a move and get into a fight with an old rival and oops your iPhone along with it.


5. Selfie

You look so good up on the ledge of the Brooklyn Bridge. You just have to take a selfie to prove that you did the unthinkable. Oops…while taking out your phone, it slips and falls directly into the water below.


4. Simmer It

You’re talking to your mother on the phone while cooking a stew on a hot stove. All of the sudden all that steam makes you want to sneeze. Sneeze so hard that the iPhone drops into the hot stew.


3. Ignore Malware

Malware isn’t just meant for desktops and laptops. In fact, the threat of malware could do even more damage on a smartphone. Why? Because smartphone malware can track your location (no matter where you are) and snatch highly sensitive data, among other things.


2. Fry it

A McDonald’s, a worker was making those delicious fries and oops – iPhone…extra crispy! Wonder if it tasted good? Is this what happened to Twinkies when they were invented? Do you take your iPhone to work?


1. Phone Toss

You want to play a game of catch but none of your friends are free. Controlling girlfriend, unreasonable work deadlines, appointments to attend to and taxes – when did everyone get so lazy? Oh well, at least there’s an iPhone. You toss it up in the air and realize that you are a little rusty as your iPhone hits you in the face….than falls to the ground.

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