12 Life Hacks to Make Life Easier at Home

By | September 10, 2015

Here are 12 Life Hacks to Make Life Easier at Home:

Life hacks

12. Files
Organize your files and declutter your desk with a vertical magazine rack. No need to buy one of those fancy shmancy desks with lots of space.

11. Onions
Having problems keeping your eyes dry when cutting onions? Washing the onion with water does not help? Why not try to chew gum will cutting onions? Works like a charm!

10. Chinese Takeaway Boxes
Did you know that Chinese take away boxes are actually meant to be folded out and used as a plate? A very good way to reuse the materials you are already using.

9. Cardboard Box
You can use a cardboard box to cover your fridge to keep it disguised and prevent alcoholic beverages from being stolen…..perfect plan for a big party!

8. Lunch Box
Use two plastic round lids from a lunch box to make it easier fore you to cut vegetables and fruits. Genius, no?!

7. Sun Tan Lotion Bottle
Recycle a sun tan lotion bottom, clean it out and fill it up with personal items, such as your iPhone, money and keys to keep them safe on the beach. This way no one will ever want to steal them.

6. Strawberries
For all you fruit and berry lovers – using a straw to remove the stem from a strawberry is a quick and easy way as opposed to using a knife.

5. Dustpan
Use a dustpan to fill a large container such as a bucket that won’t fit in the sink, such as a life saver especially when filling up buckets to wash the car and pets outside.

4. Keychain
There is nothing worse than having a keychain full of different keys with the more or less the same colors. Use nail varnish to paint each one so you can identify them more easily.

3. Pizza
If you like to eat leftover pizza the next day, then a very useful tip is to pull a glass of water in the microwave with the pizza to stop the crust from getting chewy.

2. Luggage
Tie a small piece of bright-colored ribbon or fabric to your luggage. This saves you a lot of time to check if its your bag or not.

1. Counter Space Issues
Having issues finding space on your counter? No problem. Simply pull out a drawer and place your cutting board on top.

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