12 Ways to Find A Twitter Handle When 1st Choice is Taken

By | August 14, 2015

One of the very first things you do when you register for an account on Twitter is choose a username, also known as a handle. But with millions of people on the social network, there’s a good chance the name you want is taken, especially if you have a very common name. Here are 12 ways you can still get a good Twitter handle when the 1st choice is taken.

1. Your First and Last Name, Separated by an Underscore

2. Your Full Name + A Middle Initial

3. Your First Initial + Your Last Name

4. Your First Name + Last Initial (or phonetic syllable)

5. Your Name + A Significant Number

6. Your Name + A Description of Your Career or Specialty

7. A Nickname Based on a Derivative of Your Real Last Name

8. Add a Modifier, i.e., that, which, real etc.

9. Add a Title, i.e., Mr., Miss., Mrs etc.

10. Use A Pun or Rhyme that rhymes with your middle name

11. A self-identifying block ( “I” or “I am”) or Question + Your Name

12. Your Name with a Underscore Preceding or Appending It. Don’t do both.

The last one is tricky – as Twitter spammers add _underscores_ to imitate the identity of celebrity users and famous people.


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