15 Questions to Ask when Hiring a Social Media Manager

By | March 22, 2016

These are some possible social media questions for you to determine a level of knowledge from the candidate applying for a social media marketing manager position:


Possible Interview Questions:

1) What are the two most important Social marketing metrics a computer should monitor regularly?

2) What social media tools/sites are you most comfortable using?

3) How will you go about in ensuring real-time monitoring of the company’s social media accounts?

4) Name two social media sites/softwares/tools that have no business value.

5) Tell me about a campaign you executed from start to finish. What was the outcome? Was the outcome different from the goals you initially set?

6) How do you measure success in social media?  How would you justify it a) internally, or b) to a client?

7) How does social media affect SEO and your online profile?

8) What is your policy on moderating comments?  Define transparency.

9) Is it acceptable to pay bloggers or social media types to post information?  Why or Why Not?

10) Walk us through the steps you would take to properly handling a Social Media crisis?

11) Which social networks do you believe will best work for the industry our company works in? Please explain.

12) What are your weaknesses in social media? strengths?

13) What are the best types of things to advertise on a social networking site?

14) What analytics software packages have you used?

15) What recommendations do you have for our company based on our current social media campaigns.

The answers for these questions will be varied, and the rightness or wrongness will depend on the you, your industry and your individual needs.  If you have your answers, trackback to this blog or let me know and I’ll link to them.


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