4 Vital Steps to SMO

By | February 17, 2015

The aim of Social Media Optimization (SMO) originally was to bring traffic to corporate websites from social networking websites. When the phrase ‘Social Media Optimization‘ first got coined in 2006, its sole purpose was to increase the total number of shares and likes of content posted to social media platforms. However, SMO is not just about social media in 2015 anymore. As major search engines like Google consider social signals to help aggregate their content, SMO now plays a crucial role in Search Engine Optimization (or SEO).

So in 2015, what are the crucial steps you will need to follow in Social Media Optimization? This blog post offers 4 tips that you need to consider when getting ready to do SMO:

1. Reputation

Your reputation is a crucial part of handling SMO. It is vital that you are popular as a social media figure, and your followers consider you a wiz. You will earn their respect if you are able to produce or curate high-quality content. Not just that, but you also have to act as a support by making frequent comments and discussions in various groups and communities. So, interact and engage people, talk about your interests, and assist them by sharing your knowledge and wisdom to increase your social reputation.

2. Engagement

People on social media must realize that you are a real person and are alive. One of the best ways to do that is via active engagement (i.e., mentions), commenting, plus ones, likes, and re-tweets and the like. An old but effective way to increase engagement is to ask for feedback from your fans/followers. The groups and communities present in social networking websites like LinkedIn, Facebook and Google+ are also good places to start engaging with people of similar interests.

3. Leadership

A leader does not produce content by slightly changing around ideas from published write-ups. H/she produces their own ideas, selects their own topics, and does their own research. A social leader believes in uniqueness and shares thoughtful insight with their fans and followers. A social leader also understands his/her niche and cares about what his/her readers think. Thereby, they actively curate related and informative topics, and add their views and perspective to the content. And I can guarantee that everyone loves to follow a leader in social media.

4. Relatable

Create relatable content or make your content relatable. Use the proper keywords that are relevant to you SEO campaign and that are trending on social media networks or in the news. As well, write articles that relate back to what you do as a company and provide your readers with insight into the problems that they encounters.

Other than these 4 points, I think that your SMO effort can become super strong if you include social sharing buttons to your content, use proper titles, and attach high-quality and catchy images. Click here if you need help finding high-quality images.

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Alex Noudelman is a Digital Marketing Manager with over 7 years of experience in social media marketing, copywriting, digital marketing, search engine marketing and education. Feel free to contact Alex Noudelman if you have any questions or would like to see a particular topic covered.

One thought on “4 Vital Steps to SMO

  1. Michael Stricker

    Alex, nice roundup of best practices. You start out talking about brands, then you shift to more personal efforts. Bring it full-circle by identifying, cultivating relationships with influential experts and topical celerities. If you have the resources and time, go about creating, amplifying, your own personal brand to put yourself on the same footing as the big voices. That requires community. Build your network, BEFORE you need it.


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