4 Ways to Remember September 11 Attacks on Social Media

By | September 10, 2016

Are you willing to share news stories about 9/11?  Will you leverage your social networks to encourage your readers, followers and friends to memorialize the victims, survivors and heroes of the attacks? It’s been 15 years since the attacks. We will never forget:

Here are a few ways you can honour this day and the victims whose lives were cut short because of terrorism:


Using Facebook:

You can spread the word by sharing an article or two on Facebook. As well, you can share the link to the official 9/11 National Day of Service web site (http://911dayofservice.org/). You can also lead by example. Invite your Facebook friends to join you at a volunteer project in your community. Any volunteer project for a good cause will do!


Using Twitter:

The hashtags for 9/11 are #September11 #911Day. Spread the word about the day of service by tweeting about it and sharing the link to the official 9/11 as a National Day of Service site (http://911dayofservice.org/). You can ask your followers to volunteer – on their own or with you!


Using A Blog:

If you’re a blogger, consider writing a post about 9/11 and what the day means to you. What you remember most about 9/11/01? What images stand out for you? Why do you believe we should be honoring the victims, survivors and heroes through service? As well, include links to a few heroic stories.


Create a YouTube Video:

YouTube-LogoFind a list of names of victims who died as a result of 9/11. Then, find out as much information about 10-20 of them. Next, create a slideshow of images about those 10-20 people and in the description provide as much detail about them and their personalities. Don’t let them die in vain.


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