5 Tips for Learning in an Online Classroom

By | June 16, 2015

I am a strong believer that the future of education lies with online learning.

Unfortunately, many people make the mistake of believing that an online class will be easier than one that takes place in a traditional classroom. Often times, there is a lot more reading required than in a regular classroom as well as self-guided learning.  Motivation, time management and organization are 3 keys to success in an online classroom.

It’s important to know that online learning is not for everyone. Students and their teachers need to determine their comfort levels and the time constraints before signing up for such initiatives.

The following article examines 5 tips that will help you become successful in online learning.

Be Comfortable Communicating Online

E-learning calls for enhanced communication. It means you have to be comfortable enough talking with your teachers and other participants in a virtual setting. Often, a student confronts problems when attending online classes since most of them are used to a face-to-face, onsite classroom setup.

Be Tech-savvy

One of the most important aspects of online learning is that people have to be a little tech-savvy to browse through the course catalogs, examination details etc. They should know how to download learning materials from the website as well as share text books with other classmates.

Be Self-Disciplined

This seems obvious, but when there is no one monitoring, you need to police your own learning and study habits. First, set aside a specific time to ‘take’ your class. If you’re trying to fit it in with other chores, you either won’t get it done or it won’t have your full attention. Once you’ve made the time, actually spend the time attending to do just the classroom work.

Manage Time Wisely

In online classrooms, the courses are available, 24/7. Hence, students have the freedom to access study materials anytime and anywhere. However, it is always better to complete a semester on time and for that purpose one needs to set aside a specific time for studying and finishing projects. Online classrooms include completing homework as well as discussions with the teacher, and submitting work as per the instructions of the teacher. Developing the mentality of finishing work on or rather before time is always good for your educational career.

Stay in Contact with Your Teacher

In online classrooms where you cannot see your instructor physically, you should make it a point to stay in constant touch with your teacher to get things right. You should always contact your teacher to know when to submit a specific assignment or a project and clear doubts regarding any learning documents or coursework.

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