7 Brands That Are Finding Success Via Instagram Stories

By | September 12, 2016

Instagram’s new feature Instagram Stories is already causing disruption in the social media world. Success stories are made everyday by both big brands and emerging businesses looking to make it big in the digital world.

Staying afloat with the dizzying pace of today’s social media landscape is not an easy task; I will be the first to admit it. While Snapchat’s model has seen enormous success, Instagram’s new Stories are forcing brands and followers alike to decide which they like best, which has the most longevity, and whether they can or want to keep up with both.  It looks like Instagram is winning this war…for now.

From a brand point of view, there is a greater possibility for interaction with followers on Instagram, as Snapchat is still seen as more of a personal-use platform. Instagram also makes it easier to search for, follow and find new products and brands. User-friendliness is written all over this platform.

Regardless of what side you are on, the way the following brands have embraced Instagram Stories is incredible! Here are 6 success stories:


1. Sephora

Well-timed and informative hair and makeup tutorials — most recently a live haircut with brand IGk, alternating between snipping ends, applying product and then highlighting the items used — are this beauty brand’s go-to.


2. BarkBox

The brand’s irreverent and entertaining behind-the-scenes stories focus on the hilarious and often messy aspects of life with dogs.Their clips from a “doggie interview” between an employee and a delightful little pug are a must watch, if you want to emulate.


3. Disneyanimation

This brand brilliantly featured super star Lin-Manuel Miranda takeover stories for a day to create a buzz for his upcoming Moana film that’s being released in November.


4. Amazon

Recent stories by Amazon focused on emoji based movie trivia. The stories ended with a subtle reminder that all those movies can be found on Prime video!


5. Beyond Yoga

Yoga apparel brand Beyond Yoga, known worldwide for their supple and durable yoga pants, posted an Instagram story recently that followed a woman getting through her workout in their gear. The story went viral and now the brand has over 1m+ followers on Instagram.


6. Travel + Leisure

Travel + Leisure recently used Instagram Stories to play a game with its followers, asking them to guess where in the world the brand was. Curiosity is a natural human emotion, and if you keep followers guessing, you’ll keep them watching, which is what Travel + Leisure did.


7. Frooti

Frooti uses Instagram to showcase their distinctive personality. It posts images that are so unique and so consistent that anyone else posting similar content might be seen like a copycat or plagiarist.

Anyone who has heard about Snapchat but hasn’t tried it yet, or tried it but couldn’t understand how it works, will be excited to start telling stories on Instagram.  If the target market for your business is anyone older than 30, Instagram Stories could be vital for you and your business. It’s an easy way for you to engage with your audience more, show new products, answer questions, and market your business in minutes.


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