7 Pitfalls of Facebook Marketing

By | August 9, 2015

Here are 7 pitfalls of Facebook marketing you should avoid at all costs:


1. Autopilot Posts

Never set any social media efforts to autopilot. This is not going to help you get more engagements and conversions. You will end up losing market shares if you do not have a “personal” touch to your shares. You have to focus on building things naturally, without being “robotic” in your strategy.


2. Never Sharing

Finding a new audience starts with sharing what others are creating and posting on their Facebook page or website blog. You have to work on this and build towards making sure that you are on the site and care about your audience and their pages. If you seldom share anything that others are posting, and you never really showcase that you are interested in what they are doing, you are not going to end up with any sort of progress. Consider reciprocal sharing.


3. No Diversity

Some businesses assume that they can get away with just posting one type of post on Facebook. That will not get you more engagement or conversions. You need to diversify your reach by posting a videos, photos, infographics etc. Don’t hesitate to promote it either, as your goal is to try to build an audience.


4. Spam Links

This is one of the biggest issues that you should circumvent on Facebook, and it’s a simple one, linking your site too frequently. Don’t turn into a spammer by posting links to your pages down the line. It’s too easy to get caught in this task. Self-serving links are not only seen as spammy, they rarely generate any traffic aside or conversions.


5. Empty Pages

One of the more convincing things that you need to understand about social networking, including Facebook is simple, consistency. If you don’t update your pages, much like websites and SEO, you will get stamped as a dormant page or brand. This will effectively kill any momentum that you may have online. So avoid it at all costs.


6. Being Boring

When they’re thinking about marketing, some business owners forget that Facebook is a social place where people share things they find funny, interesting or useful to their followers and fans. Think about what kind of content your fans would read, love and want to recommend.


7. Focusing on Likes

Of course, Facebook Likes are important — the more Likes you have, the more people you reach and the more trustworthy your brand becomes. But Likes is just step one of Facebook marketing. Step two is to confirm that you’re targeting the right audience and keeping them engaged. Step three is to convert them.

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