9 Ways to Beat Monday Blues

By | February 22, 2016

If you haven’t yet heard, the third Monday every January is Blue Monday, supposedly the most miserable day for employees. The idea started when a travel company released a press release in 2005 announcing that psychologist Dr Cliff Arnall had discovered the equation that predicts the most dismal day of the year. The equation he formulated took into account the weather, the amount of debt a person has after Christmas and their ability to pay it off all that debt, the number of days since Christmas Day, levels of motivation and the need to take action, and how long it was since most people had broken New Year’s resolutions.

Dreading Monday? Hoping that Monday will turn into Friday very soon? Here are 9 tips for beating the Monday Blues:



1. Put it In Perspective

We frequently spend Mondays wishing the day will go away, waiting for tomorrow to come and perhaps the weekend as well. But that’s 52 wasteful days a year we’re not being productive! Put things in perspective to help get motivated to live with intention on Mondays and make them as good as any other day of the week.


2. Sort Things Out

Over the weekend we all tend to overeat, overspend and be lazy, which are three reasons why Monday morning makes us feel so wasted and unenthusiastic. Beat the blues by sorting your things in your life out. Begin by making a list of tasks you need to do and things you’d like to achieve the following week on Fridays. For instance, you might want to jot down that you want to do all of your washing, finish off that project at work you’ve been working on and eat three healthy meals as well as fitting in a good 1 hour workout.


3. Smile More!

11:16 a.m.: That’s the time when the average employee cracks their first smile on Monday, according to a 2011 study from British researchers. But even if it’s forced, it will benefit you to smile sooner. A study published recently in Psychological Science shows that a simple act like smiling improves peoples’ moods and helps them recover from stressful eventsWhy not crack a smile as soon as you wake up? Be happy that you are alive and well enough to go to work.


4. Identify the Issue

If you’re feeling down every Monday morning, it’s likely because you’re not a fan of the work you do. Maybe it’s the job itself or maybe it’s the people that work with you. Take some time to think about what really irritates you about your job by brainstorming. Write down the issues that are really bothering you and try to find a solution for each.


5. Talk to Someone

It’s more than likely they are having the blues too. Keep your conversation short. Remember this is about taking comfort in the fact that you aren’t alone in this, not an hour-long trash talk about a  colleague in marketing.


6. Don’t Schedule Everything for Monday

Don’t try and accomplish or schedule everything on Monday. It’s the start of the week and there will be some spill overs from the week before. Aim to complete your to-do list and plan your new tasks for the follow day or two.


7. Eat Breakfast

If you start your day on a whim and reach your workplace with no food or nutrients in your belly, you’re not starting the day off on the right foot. This is especially true if you have a pile of work that you have to finish and are experiencing overwhelming amount of stress. You can’t think of anything else other than prioritizing your work, eating late, you live on coffee and you are just giving up on these Monday blues. Now, if you would eat that breakfast, your brain would function properly and even if you have to eat your lunch a little late it’s no big deal. You will be able to cover your bases with a good nutritious breakfast.


8. Add Some Music

Music is a healer of the soul and is a mechanism of creating happy thoughts in our bodies. As you get ready for this big day, add some music in the background. The way you start your day will define how it will continue. If you jazz yourself a bit with a peppy playlist you will be on the right track.


9. Get Plenty of Rest

This sounds pretty straight forward, but many people underestimate the value of maintaining regular sleep patterns and getting enough rest. Try to use your weekends wisely to strike a good balance between sosocializingnd recharging yourself An early night on a Sunday can make all the difference to your outlook on Monday morning.


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