Alex Noudelman’s Review of Federal Elections 2015 in King-Vaughan

By | October 2, 2015

The federal elections are fast approaching – in fact they’re a little over two weeks away.

In the newly established King-Vaughn riding, we have the following candidates:

Raney, Ann
Rizzo, Natalie
Schulte, Deb
Toubis, Konstantin

I’ve sent an email on Tuesday September 2, 2015 to Deb Schulte. My vote was leaning towards her. I’ve seen in her action and know her track record. in Vaughan. The email was polite and requested info about where she stands on specific issues. I also asked for info about getting a lawn sign to support her party. Ms. Schulte didn’t feel there was a need to respond. This makes me think that she’s in it for the money and not for making the change. If elected, she will be representing our riding. How will she know what to advocate for if she ignores her constituents emails?

Then you have Konstantin Toubis. I found Mr. Toubis’ actions with regard to “Conservative candidate shares advice on drunk women, latent homosexuality and “being a man” to be offensive. So when a lawn ended up on the road and almost cost two accidents in front of my house, I made him aware of the situation. Instead of responding and asking for the address, he deletes the picture and fails to take any action.

So who will I be voting for? It’s very hard to say! I am thinking of abstaining and decrease in voter turnout each elections is proof that constituents don’t have faith in the people they elect.

Here’s a translated countdown of 4 Russian listicles Toubis shared on issues relating to sex and gender:

1. Alcohol and the character of a woman

“Did you know that you can tell a lot about a woman from the kind of alcohol she prefers?” asks a listicle titled “alcohol and the character of a woman” that profiles the characters of women and always seems to end with them blacking out, for some reason:


Here are a few points from the listicle Toubis shared:

  • “Whiskey – women who are confident and don’t have complexes. After drinking, they are wild and unpredictable. They become drunk quickly and don’t like to recall the night before in the morning because they can wreck a lot.”
  • “Tequila – for extravagant and explosive ladies. They can be violent and dangerous when drunk, but will blackout after a few rounds.”
  • “Gin and Tonic – Women who enjoy this drink like to put on an intellectual face and discuss things of which they have not the slightest idea. They get drunk quickly and can’t remember what happened to them in the morning.”

2. The Rules of Attraction

And Toubis also has advice on the “rules of attraction”:


Here are some translated points from this listicle:

  • “If a woman offers you sex but you, for whatever reason, can’t accept her offer, don’t tell her the truth about [her] crooked teeth or large nose.”
  • “If you go on more than three dates with a girl and make no attempt to sleep with her, you are a scoundrel who is wasting precious time on her biological clock.”
  • “If you catch your girlfriend with a woman, you have the right to silently undress and join them.”
  • “A man never raises his hand to a woman… There are other body parts to raise for a woman.”
  • “If she is pregnant and refuses your offer of marriage, politeness demands that you wait until her morning sickness has passed and then ask again. Maybe this time she won’t listen to your proposal with such a sour face.”

3. “Being a man is hard”

But not all of Toubis’ advice is directed at an audience of men.

For example, he also shared advice to women to help them understand why “being a man is hard”:


Here is some of that advice:

  • “If you think you are fat, you probably are.”
  • “Learn to interact with the toilet seat. You’re not a little girl after all. If you need it put down, do it yourself.”
  • “Tears are blackmail.”

Got that ladies?

4. Signs of a mentally healthy man? Not “a latent homosexual,” apparently.

And Toubis even has advice in the areas of mental health and sexual orientation, found in a blog on the “seven signs of a mentally healthy man” posted only in March of this year.

Sign number seven? A mentally healthy man “likes full female hips. Fans of bony behinds are infantile and irresponsible souls.”

The blog adds “this is also a sign of a latent homosexual.”


UPDATE: It appears Mr. Toubis deactivated his Facebook account following publication of this story. What is he hiding?

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