Ashley Madison Data Dump: An Inside Job

By | August 26, 2015

John McAfee made a stunning revelation this week when he told a U.K. newspaper the Ashley Madison hack was an inside job carried out by a woman, who was either a former or current employee.

His arguments:

— The culprit gained access to “source code” — the golden key of a company and “the most difficult for any hacker to obtain” because the information is carefully guarded – supposedly.

— The culprit gained access to office layouts, which cannot be stored in a centralized database and the most up-to-date  company organisational information. This type of info is also hard to crack unless it is an inside job.

— The hacking of a list of stock-option agreements means the culprit would have had access to executives’ secret files. “That’s the sort of information that would be … kept in only a few places….never in the centralized database.

— Why a woman?  The hacker called the cheating men – “scumbags” in its “vitriolic” manifestos.

Toronto Police also revealed that two people killed themselves because of the Ashley Madison leak. The two suicides are unconfirmed reports, but Staff-Supt. Bryce Evans states that he’s “satisfied” the suicides were the result of the Ashley Madison hack.

What’s worse is that Avid Life Media is not cooperating. Customers have reported that they weren’t able to reset passwords and when they tried contact the company, they simply wouldn’t respond.

As well, is portraying itself as a victim of malicious cybercriminals, but leaked emails are showing that AshleyMadison’s top leadership hacked into a competing dating service in 2012. Could it be karma?

If you’re really dying to know who is on the Ashley Madison customer list…well keep on reading.

You can search through the data dumped last week by the hacker by visiting this site, which was launched by Trustify, an Internet investigation company that helps expose infidelities and marital suspicions. However, please be advised that they are recording email address searches and spamming people in the process. More info

Alternatively, you could use this tool. All you have to do is enter an email and see if it was hacked.

But then again you could not check it. No good can come of it. does not endorse the websites where you can check emails belonging to Ashley Madison customers. Enter at your own free risk.


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