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15 Quotes That Were Totally Misattributed

Here are 15 of the most misattributed quotes of all time. Who’s to blame? The media and the way it portrayed these sayings: 1. W C Fields “Anybody who hates children and dogs can’t be all bad.” Actually said by: Leo Rosten: at a dinner introducing Fields. 2. Horace Greeley “Go west, young man!” Actually… Read More »

17 Motivational Quotes on Taking Risks

I always prefer to take calculated risks. The biggest risks I find are those that I don’t take at all. If you never take the risk, you will never learn. If you never learn, you will never change. If you never change, your life will be nothing but a boring soap opera….and we all know… Read More »

Dr. Laffa Toronto Review by Alex Noudelman

I consider myself to be a Conservative Jew. Although I am not Shomer Shabbos and do not keep kashrut at home, I occasionally like to go out with friends to kosher establishments. One of my favourite kosher places is Dr. Laffa on the go at 3023 Bathurst Street Toronto, Ontario. The Major intersection is Bathurst… Read More »