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The Simpsons Predicted Donald Trump’s Presidency 16 Years Ago

16 years before Donald Trump was elected US President, The Simpsons predicted that the business magnate would become a leader of what they called the “free world”. The bizarre story line was featured in the episode, titled ‘Bart To The Future’, broadcast in early 2000. Trump was also mocked in another episode of the top-rated TV cartoon, airing in 2015,… Read More »

Top 10 Amazing Facts about the Simpsons

Here are ten amazing facts about The Simpsons that I bet you didn’t know until now: Fact #10: The characters in the cartoon are yellow because the creator, Matt Groening, wanted to get the attention of people who were channel hopping.  Groening hoped that whenever someone was flipping through the channels, they would automatically know… Read More »