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7 Innocent Pranks Gone Horribly Wrong

Here are 7 good reasons why you should never play pranks on people. It goes to show that not every prank goes off without a hitch. If you do choose to play a prank on someone, you risk the chance of it backfiring on you:     1. Fake Skeleton Three friends got embroiled in a… Read More »

Top 10 Online Survey Websites That Pay Well

Taking an online survey is of course an excellent technique to make quick money. However, certain things like opening an email account and PayPal is a must. The most important thing is to read their terms and conditions before signing up. Do have a note of all the id and password once you start registering… Read More »

Top 10 Ways to Amp Up Your Leadership Skills

Many business people being that like many others are born leaders. Others think an individual that leadership is something that you learn and perfect with time. Regardless of how you may feel you obtained your leadership skills, there are always ways to become better at what you do. This top ten list of suggestions may inspire you to… Read More »

Top 10 Life Lessons You Must Learn Today

Although some lessons must be learned through experience, you don’t have to wait until things happen to realize what’s really meaningful and important. Here are the top ten life lessons you must learn right here, right now:   1. Character Is More Important Than Reputation Your reputation can be destroyed within seconds, while character takes years… Read More »