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How Common Is It For Old Reviews on Yelp to Get Deleted?

To answer your question, no it’s not common for reviews to get deleted. It is however, very common for Yelp to filter a review. Here are two reasons for why reviews no longer appear on a business page:   1. They’re Filtered Filtered reviews are moved to the “Not Recommended” section of a company Yelp Page.… Read More »

Top 10 Ways to Lose Followers on Twitter

Some people find Twitter to be intimidating, scary, and unnerving. If you ask me, it’s none of those but could be a bit confusing at first. When you break it down, it’s simply about using common sense and acting like a decent human being. Here are ten ways not to lose followers on Twitter:   1. Post the… Read More »

10 Celebrities Who Hated Working With Their Co-Workers

Onscreen they were all lovey dovey. Off-screen, they hated each others’ guts. Here are 10 celebrity co-stars who hated each other.   1. Wesley Snipes and Ryan Reynolds – Blade: Trinity While shooting Blade: Trinity, Wesley Snipes would only show up to shoot his close ups and then retreat to his trailer to smoke weed,… Read More »

Alex Noudelman’s Review of Federal Elections 2015 in King-Vaughan

The federal elections are fast approaching – in fact they’re a little over two weeks away. In the newly established King-Vaughn riding, we have the following candidates: Raney, Ann Rizzo, Natalie Schulte, Deb Toubis, Konstantin I’ve sent an email on Tuesday September 2, 2015 to Deb Schulte. My vote was leaning towards her. I’ve seen… Read More »

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