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Chicago TV Station in Hot Water for Featuring a Nazi Emblem

WGN, a Chicago television news station, is now in hot water over its decision to wish the Jewish people a Happy Yom Kippur with a Nazi emblem. The stock photo was first spotted by a Chicago editor, who posted a screenshot of the WGN news broadcast online.   The station apologized for the choice in image about half an hour later,… Read More »

Tories Dismiss 2 of their Toronto Candidates

The Conservative Party of Canada took a big hit as the federal election reached an unofficial milestone today, dropping two candidates from their slate. Jerry Bance, a Conservative candidate in Scarborough Rouge Park, was the first to go after reportedly being caught on video urinating into a coffee cup while he was working as appliance repairman.… Read More »

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15 Offensive Donald Trump Quotes

Donald Trump is the leading Republican presidential candidate. He leads in several popular polls and will take the stage tomorrow in the first GOP debate. The event will air on Fox and all eyes will be on Trump to see what the White House hopeful will say live on television. Here are fifteen of my absurd,… Read More »

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Donald Trump – Racism & Xenophobia

I never liked Donald Trump as TV personality. As a teen growing up watching reality TV, I never bothered with The Apprentice. I always thought it was scripted and the results were too subjective. Now I can say that I don’t like Trump as a politician either. His ego and foul mouth are just not… Read More »