Criss Angel Tries To Revive A Dead Human Body (Video)

By | August 30, 2015

Last Sunday, I had the pleasure of going to Criss Angel’s Believe show in Las Vegas, Nevada with my wife at the Luxor Hotel. I was offered discounted tickets after attending a Windham Club time shares meeting. The cost was $20pp.

As a pessimist of magic, I had read some negative reviews when I purchased the tickets and was concerned the show was not worthy of my money. But on the contrary, I found the show to go above and beyond my expectations; better than David Copperfield shows I watched on television. It had me and my wife at the edge of our seats, wondering what Criss had in store for us next. His counterpart, Maestro, entertained us with some of the most hilarious jokes ever. It reminded me of Dr. Evil and Mini Me, but in a good way.

Today, I did a search of Criss Angel and came across this exclusive video. In it, Criss tries to bring a recently deceased person back to life.

“People have died many times and they’re clinically dead, then somehow they’re revived back and it’s inexplicable,” Criss Angel said in an interview with the Huffington Post.

To start the process of trying to revive a dead being, Angel had to overcome a few obstacles.

“There were two things that were hard: First, to get a body — a cadaver — was the most difficult thing and we needed to find somebody who wasn’t dead for a long period of time. The other thing was to find a facility that would allow us to do it because no facility wants to get involved because they feel that it can come off as disrespectful.”

“We got a facility that said we could use them, but we had to sign an agreement that we weren’t allowed to name the place, location or the owner. As a matter of fact, everybody had to be blindfolded to go there.”

For those who think that Criss, as a magician, is probably just working with some sort of Hollywood-type of body created for this “trick,” his answer is, “No way!”

Check it out for yourself.

Do you now believe in magic?

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