Donald Trump – Racism & Xenophobia

By | July 19, 2015

I never liked Donald Trump as TV personality. As a teen growing up watching reality TV, I never bothered with The Apprentice. I always thought it was scripted and the results were too subjective.

Now I can say that I don’t like Trump as a politician either. His ego and foul mouth are just not my cups of tea. And when he publicly humiliated John McCain for being a war hero only because he was a war hero, I felt that was the straw that broke camel’s back.

This comes only weeks after Trump’s racist comments about Mexicans. He suggested that many who have emigrated to the U.S. illegally from Mexico are “rapists”. This not only sparked outrage among the populace worldwide, but condemnation by TV executives and business tycoons around the world as well.

“Mexico—they’re taking our jobs. They’re taking our manufacturing. They’re taking our money. They’re killing us at the border,” he said at a rally in Phoenix, Arizona, last weekend to a nearly all-white audience. “We’ll take our country back.”

Now who is Trump to criticize war heroes? He’s a buffoon who did everything he could to avoid serving in the Vietnam War using 4 determents. On the other hand, McCain was shot down and imprisoned for nearly 6 years. He also underwent physical and psychological torture. And when he was the first to be offered freedom, based on status, he refused because he believed in all or nothing.

My advice to Trump is to apologize to McCain because these comments will not lead him to presidency. Unless he walked in McCain’s shoes, he has no right to criticize the latter. Oh wait….Trump refuses to apologize.  COWARD!

Will Donald Trump Become The Next President?

Trump has a popularity of 11% in’s nationwide polling average—although the USA Today poll puts his support among GOP primary voters at 17%. More shockingly, the Washington Post/ABC and Monmouth University polls found his popularity has flipped among Republican voters since last May.

The Monmouth poll was more revealing, finding that Trump’s biggest gain and advantage came from the GOP’s Tea Party wing. “He has also made an incredible surge [since June] among the Tea Party supporters – flipping his decidedly net negative 20% to 55% rating with this group to a decidedly positive 56% favorable to 26% unfavorable rating now,” a spokesperson for the Tea Party reported.

Now the real question is: how much damage can Trump do to the Republican Party that Mitt Romney didn’t already do in 2013?

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