Dr. Laffa Toronto Review by Alex Noudelman

By | August 10, 2015

I consider myself to be a Conservative Jew. Although I am not Shomer Shabbos and do not keep kashrut at home, I occasionally like to go out with friends to kosher establishments. One of my favourite kosher places is Dr. Laffa on the go at 3023 Bathurst Street Toronto, Ontario. The Major intersection is Bathurst and Lawrence.

Dr. Laffa is a take-out establishment and whilst there I like to order the Kabob on a Laffa. The sandwich is big enough to feed two people and has all the fillings that will make your mouth melt – French Fries, hummus, tahini, corn salad, cabbage salad, carrots and the like. Need extra fillings? No extra charge.

People often complain that they have to wait long to get what they ordered. Keep in mind that you are getting your food made fresh to order; with exception of Shawarma and Falafel. It takes time to properly cook the meat and heat up the Laffa. I personally would prefer to wait than to eat a meat that’s been lying there for hours.

I am well aware of the politics that is going around with The Famous Laffa, located two doors down from Dr. Laffa. I also realize that they have non-Kosher establishments that could decrease the costs of the food I order. I still prefer Dr. Laffa because not only I get great food, but I get great service! And it’s the warm and friendly smiles that The Famous Laffa will never beat.

I welcome you to visit Dr. Laffa’s website for more info about them and their menu items.

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