Facebook is Building Its Own YouTube Channel

By | October 13, 2015

Facebook plans to change the way its users will be watching videos in their news feeds yet again. Today, it announced that it will update its “Suggest Videos” feature, which currently allows users to watch multiple videos in a row. The more videos a user watches, the more chance that Facebook has to serve advertisements in between them. The revenue generated is split between the publisher of those videos and Facebook.

The latest update includes two new features which will start as tests with small group of users: The ability to save videos to watch later and the ability to pop out the video player and scroll the news feed at the same time as watching videos. This kind of video “multi-tasking” has already been a success on Tumblr, a social media platform owned by Yahoo.

Late last year, Facebook started serving up billions of videos to its users by placing the clips in their feeds, between pictures of your friends’ feeds and recommended stories. It’s become a success, so much so that organically video posts have garnered the highest reach…slipping image posts of its pedestal.

The most important thing that social media critics will be looking for is whether or not Facebook’s users will want to take advantage of a lean-in offering as opposed to the lean-back-and-we’ll-show-you-something-that-will-occupy-you approach that. If the approach does work in their favour, it means Facebook could give YouTube a run for its money and a distribution mechanism that YouTube doesn’t have, which could have devastating effects on the latter.

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