Facebook Announces New Logo For First Time Since 2005

By | July 5, 2015

By Alex Noudelman

Did you notice a change in Facebook’s logo? You wouldn’t be the first to not notice anything different. At least I didn’t. In fact the changes were so slight that most non-designers wouldn’t notice.

Facebook logo change - Alex Noudelman

Trivia: Which of the two is the old logo? Which is the new one?

The change was the first of its kind since the founding of the largest social network on the World Wide Web in 2005. The creative director, Josh Higgins, revealed the change to the blog Brand New. The purpose of the change was to make the logo “more friendly and approachable.”

The change will only apply to places where the full Facebook logo appears, like on the main Facebook web page, employee business cards as well as signs at each of the campuses. It will not be available to users on mobile devices just yet because it doesn’t appear in the main news feed views.

Will the change be positive or negative? Only time will tell.

Many major corporations made changes to their logos over the years and of course Facebook is not the first. Coca Cola, Walt Disney, Gap, Burger King, to name a few. For example, when Yahoo redid its logo in 2013, it managed to turn the one-time announcement into a month-long event. The final result was a letdown — still purple, still had an exclamation point, not comic sans. We hope that Facebook’s change will not fail its fan base like Yahoo’s did.


Facebook has made several changes to its design and look of social networking. Many times the looks were embraced with positive attitudes, while others were more so so. I remember when Facebook just introduced The Timeline, it allowed people to switch at their own free will. When I switched and was not very happy with the look, I wanted to go back to the old design, buy that was not an option. Eventually, I got used to it and am using my timeline to share stories with friends. Since Facebook places high importance on user input, it would be good to see more incorporation of customer feedback in the overall look and branding of Facebook.

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