Facebook Takes On Twitter With New Live Streaming Service

By | August 8, 2015

We’ve come a long way since Myspace and Facebook were first introduced in the 2000s. When I first entered the social media landscapes, I was keen on finding my old friends. I was able to search for them through the schools we attended. Now it is nearly impossible to do so because there are so many people on the social networks and not many are connected to the high school or elementary they attended.

Now I hardly go on Facebook for personal reasons. I mostly use it to manage the different business account. I am not so obsessed with adding 1000+ friends as I used to be because I do not see the point of it….although some still ask and compare.

One change I do embrace – is the merging of live-streaming and social media, especially in the last year or so. I may not always be at my TV screen and see events as they unfold, which frustrates me A LOT. And when you have a pressing event like the World Cup finals, which conflicts with your work schedule, you are dying to know what is going on, what’s the score and who is doing all the action etc. With the help of Periscope (owned by Twitter), Twitter and Meerkat I was able to live in the moment and celebrate with others as Germany won the World Cup. My mind was put at ease.

So when I read that Facebook is also entering the world of live-streaming, I wasn’t taken aback; not even a bit. I knew that there was no chance that they would allow Twitter to build a monopoly without putting up a fight. And so last Wednesday the largest social network announced that it will launch a new live video service, which is similar to Periscope App and is in main competition to Meerkat.

Excited? Don’t start jumping for joy just yet. It will only be available to celebrities. Athletes, musicians, politicians and other influencers who desire to share liver videos from the Facebook Mentions app for their fans to view on the social network. No fake accounts, just verified public figure accounts.

A few celebrities have already agreed to host live broadcasts – Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, Serena Williams, Lester Holt, Martha Stewart and Michael Buble.

The social media platform will notify you when your friends start viewing the live videos or the live videos are taking place.

So with live streaming rapidly growing in popularity, the question is how long will it be until businesses start adopting it? My initial guess is that it will still take quite some time before it becomes widespread. Why? Companies, especially the larger ones, tend to be quite cautious about using social media platforms for Online Reputation Management purposes. It took a long time for many corporations to realize it was a necessity to be on Facebook and Twitter, and taking the plunge was often met with a great deal of resistance.

Editor’s Comments

It would be worthy to see Apple take advantage of this service when it unveils a new iPhone model in September. Not everyone is able to go to their website and view the podcast from there. The podcast should be available on multiple platforms.

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