Facebook: Year in Review [2015]

By | December 12, 2015

What were you discussing on Facebook this year? Did you share any of the following topics with your friends?

The upcoming U.S. presidential election was a hot topic globally on Facebook, the largest social network in the world., in 2015.

Data analyst Betsy Cameron and editor Brittany Darwell shared the global top 10 list in a Newsroom post, saying that the lists were made based on how frequently topics mentioned on Facebook from Jan. 1 through Dec. 1. Here is the list:

  1. U.S. presidential election
  2. Nov. 13 attacks on Paris
  3. Syrian civil war and refugee crisis
  4. Nepal earthquakes
  5. Greek debt crisis
  6. Marriage equality
  7. Fight against ISIS
  8. Charlie Hebdo attack
  9. Baltimore protests
  10. Charleston shooting and flag debate

To learn more about each global topic and view other top 10 lists, such as top movies, TV shows, entertainers, athletes, places, new games, new sticker packs, as well as top topics and check-ins for different countries, you can go to yearinreview.fb.com.

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