Gmail’s “Undo Send” Button Officially Unveiled

By | July 8, 2015

Have you ever send out job application to a prospective employer, only to later learn that there were spelling and grammar errors  in it? Have you ever send out a personalized email and accidentally copied an unwanted party? It is our worst nightmare come true!

Now our worst nightmares have an easy fix. Gmail unveiled a new feature that allows its users to undo a sent email.  It’s been a part of Gmail Labs for 6 years and was a hit almost immediately. Now it is finally a standard part of Google’s email service.

The feature gives you, 5 to 30 seconds grace period to cancel an email before it is actually sent to the intended/unintended audience. At that point it cannot be undone. By clicking the “undo send” button, the email will reappear in its compose form, from which you can edit or delete the email in its entirety.

Enabling the “undo” feature is simple, however, it does have its limitations.  You need only to find the settings cog at the top right area of their inbox. Go to settings and then find “Enable Undo Send” in the General Settings area. You can set your grace period to 5, 10, 10 or 30 seconds. Be sure to press “Save Changes” after enabling the feature.

Unfortunately, “Undo Send” is not available for the Gmail mobile app. But a recent Mashable reported claims that Gmail is planning to roll out the “Undo Send” feature for the mobile app in the near future as well.



Tip: We recommend the maximum as extra precaution, but if you like to live on the wild side, 5 or 10 seconds would do the trick.


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