Google Acquires Apple for $4 Billion Cash

By | April 1, 2015

In a deal surprising to everyone, Google has announced that it has purchased Apple Inc., the world’s second-largest information technology company, for $4 billion cash.

This is not the first smart move Google has made to squash their competition. The Mountain View based tech giant is well known for its diversification of business and for the latest acquisitions it has completed to grow in other segments besides being a well-acclaimed search engine giant.

Earlier last month, it acquired Softcard to compete with Apple Pay. In 2014, it bought Nest for $3.2 billion. Nest, which had financial backing from Google’s venture arm, has been lauded for its elegant takes on common household products and it seems clear that it has no intention of stopping at thermostats and smoke alarms. In 2006, it purchased YouTube, which now ranks as the second largest social networking platform in the world.

More details to come as new details emerge.

Happy April Fools!

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