How To Setup a Facebook “Legacy Contact”

By | February 13, 2015

Death knocks when you least expect it. It catches everyone out of the blue and family members are forced to pick up the pieces and make last minute arrangements to find closure. A common question people have is: if you die, who gets access to your Facebook account?

It was always a policy of Facebook to memorialize accounts of those that are deceased. A verified, immediate family member would need to send in a request to the social media platform. Keep in mind that Facebook will never disclose the passwords of those that passed. However, it will remove the account upon request.

Now there is an additional option. Yesterday, the largest social networking platform announced that it will let its users pick one person who will manage their account after they die. The change is in response to user feedback – want more choice.

The choice will only affect U.S. users as of this moment. However, it appears that the options will soon be available to everyone over time. Users can pick a “legacy contact” to make posts on their walls, respond to friend requests and update profile pictures and cover letters. That person is also permitted to delete the account if they so choose to.

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Steps to Creating Legacy Contact

  1. Click the upside down triangle on the top right corner of your page
  2. Find security settings
  3. If you live in the U.S, you will see an option to edit your legacy contact. The person must be a Facebook user and a friend of yours on the platform.
  4. Check box to permanently delete account when you pass (optional).

The person you choose will not be notified of your decision until the account is memorialized. However, you can always send them a quick message to let them know.

Interestingly enough, this article was written on Friday the 13th, a day when everyone is taking extra precautions and being extra careful. To learn more about Friday the 13th and its traditions click here.

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