iPhone 6s Review by Alex Noudelman

By | August 11, 2015

Not many people know who Lewis Hilsenteger of Unbox Therapy is. That’s because he’s only famous for being the guy who bent an iPhone 6 with his bare hands. Now he’s released new video saying that the forthcoming iPhone 6s is much less bendable.

His new video compares the shell of the iPhone 6 with what he claims will be the shell of the new iPhone 6s. He doesn’t actually do a side-by-side bend test, but rather stipulates that the new iPhone 6s shell has improved and is much more stronger.

Most importantly, Apple has strengthened the metal in the inner wall of the iPhone 6s’s back plate around the volume buttons — the place where the iPhone 6 would bend. The screws that hold everything together are also in different places inside the phone.



What does the new iPhone 6s look like?

Taking advantage of data leaks, Apple reseller MacManiack got its hands on a iPhone 6S fascia. It has then done the good thing a that a tech Samaritan can do and stripped down an existing iPhone 6 to give us a direct comparison of the two and it discovered three fascinating changes:

  • A new access panel to the display (also photographed by Nowhereelse.fr) which is a prerequisite for Force Touch integration
  • Different flex connectors which Touch ID circuitry is now integrated into the LCD and digitizer connectors which hints at an upgraded fingerprint sensor
  • The protective plate on the back of the LCD is now glued in place, which may present a greater challenge for third party screen repairs

We’ll definitely see some changes and the iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus models will definitely be marketable. The question remains – shall we wait for the iPhone 7 or buy one of these ones?


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