New Details Emerge About Microsoft Windows 10 Upgrades

By | February 2, 2015

The new Windows 10 desktop is almost here. Windows 7 Pro, Windows 8 Pro and Windows 8.1 Pro users will be eligible for the free Windows 10 upgrade promotion. Businesses and their IT departments still have time to postpone updating certain features to make sure they are properly tested by other Windows 10 users before being deployed on the company’s computers.

Microsoft’s Windows 10 event last week gave us a sneak peek into the next generation of the new Windows operating system. It’s a solution for Windows 8’s identity-crisis that brings back Microsoft’s bold vision of creating a single, universal experience no matter what device you are using.

Microsoft is definitely prepping for the future by looking back at its roots and what made Windows great in the first place. The familiar desktop mode is now default. The classic Start button is resurfacing. User can easily resize app windows instead of being forced to run them on two different screens. Now there is even something called the HoloLens, a new system that puts holograms right in your living room.

Also new to Windows 10 is Spartan: a fresh, clean-looking browser. Spartan is not just another new IE release. It is expected to resemble and work more like lightweight browsers, such as Google’s Chrome and Mozilla’s Firefox. It will also support extensions, unlike IE.

Check out this video created by The Verge for more information about the pending release of Microsoft 10.

Are you ready to love Windows again? The release is set for April, 2015. The excitement is on!


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