Progressive Conservatives & Sex Ed Curriculum Debate in Ontario

By | July 21, 2018

Relationship expert Jessica O’Reilly analyzes Doug Ford’s decision to revert to Sex Ed Curriculum from 1998:

Upon election, Premier Doug Ford mandated that Ontario students be taught the province’s 20-year-old sex-education curriculum starting September, 2018, while his government consults tens of thousands of parents on developing a new program. The 2015 health curriculum is being scrapped because Ford feels that parents were not properly consulted prior to implementation. He also argues that some of the topics are not age appropriate for children.

Critics have stated the old version of the curriculum did not include many modern themes that children need to keep themselves safe in today’s world (e.g., cyberbullying, sexting) and did not address important issues like same-sex marriage, which is legal.

The modernized curriculum included warnings about online bullying and sexting and also discussed same-sex marriage, gender identity among other important things.

The PCs have yet to comment about the types of topics their new curriculum will entail. The Ontario Public School Boards’ Association said they have yet to receive any direction from the Tory government on the issue. With September being a little over a month away, this move by the Ontario government is creating outrage and confusion among teachers, students, parents, and education advocates alike.

I will keep you informed as new developments arise.

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