#RIPNote7 – Samsung Pulls the Plug on Samsung Galaxy Note 7

By | October 11, 2016

It was only a matter of time, tech critics say.

Game over for the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 smartphone; the phone is no longer being sold. Praised and popular when released earlier this year for its innovative features, such as the integrated S-Pen stylus system, the Note 7 quickly became a chump in the tech industry after numerous Note 7 batteries exploded. The phone burned customers, charred homes, caught cars on fire to name a few of the incidents that occurred.

After announcing on October 10, 2016 that they were “temporarily” stopping production, Samsung quickly followed that up with a full stop order on production and told phone owners to immediately power the phones off and return it to the retail store they bought it from.

Will the Note 7 – or even the Note line of phones – ever return? Hard to say but we think it’s unlikely considering the competition. You know,  with the popularity of iPhone 7 and iPhone 7+ and the new iOS10 operating system that everyone keeps talking about on social media. The residual effects in terms of consumer perception and its brand  may even extend to Samsung’s massive line of products, from refrigerators to televisions to washing machines.

What’s next? What can Samsung do to rectify the situation?

  • Make good on this disaster. Many Galaxy Note 7 owners didn’t just buy a smart phone — they also bought accessories like phone cases and charging docks. Samsung has to go beyond simply offering a replacement for its phones.
  • Be upfront. Samsung gave a vague explanation of what was happening to the Note7 battery. The company will have to be more forthright — and specific — the next time around.

Perhaps the best advice I can give to Samsung – kill the Note series. Samsung should cut its loses and come up with a totally different model and series that will brings its customers back.

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