Secrets About McDonald’s Poor Customer Service Revealed

By | July 14, 2016

I am not the biggest fan of McDonald’s and for good reason. When I order a Big Mac, it is often served cold and stale. When I opt for the “Create Your Own Burger”, I get a piece of wrapper stuck to my patty. When I ask for menu modifications, almost never do the staff make the modifications right the first time.

For example, in order to avoid paying $9.05 for Big Mac, I order a McDouble with no mustard or ketchup and added shredded lettuce and Mac sauce. The only difference is the bun, which  I find is unimportant. I save $2 ordering my Big Mac this way…but when I get the sandwich, all my modifications are unincluded:  yes ketchup and mustard, no Big Mac sauce, and no shredded lettuce. I have to wait another 10 minutes each time to correct the order.

I then read a very interesting article on A former employee revealed 10 juicy secrets all customers must know before entering McDonald’s again. Here are a few points I found interesting and worth sharing on my website:

  • Sometimes when employees say the coffee’s fresh, and they say, “There’s a fresh pot in the back”, it just means they’re going to microwave the coffee.
  • If you ask for decaf, and there’s none brewed, and you’re coming from drive thru or you seem really impatient to wait, there’s a good chance you’ve actually received half a cup of regular coffee with half a cup of hot water.
  • A favorite trick of the employees faced with people who ask for fresh fries no salt is to take the already salted fries and put them in the fryer for about twenty seconds.
  • Drive Thru takes priority. It doesn’t matter if you’ve been waiting five minutes already and that drive thru order just came in – employees are obligated to get their stuff out before yours.
  • Eating the food while working is against the rules, but with all those fries and McNuggets around, can you blame the employees? Whilst the manager’s back is turned, every employee will snack, but if they’re caught, they’re in big trouble. They thereby take their business to the fridge or freezer.

It therefore comes as no surprise that Food quality at McDonald’s is consistently ranked at or near the bottom. A 2014 Consumer Reports taste test ranked McDonald’s dead last among burger chains.

mcdonalds taste test

For the above mentioned reasons, I don’t support McDonald’s or the amount they charge you for the food – because frankly the result does not justify the price.


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