The Benefits of Blockchain Technology for Twitter

By | August 15, 2015

The act of impersonating a famous person or major brand is a real threat to the social media world and to the social networking cause as these kinds of things take place far more often than most of us realize. Specifically, tweeting to the wrong Twitter person is cause for a lot of grief, miscommunication and hassle. As well thinking that you are following a real famous people, only to learn they are just fake. The time has come for properly identifiable handles, usernames, and aliases.

Famous people, individuals and companies are all affected by other people registering user handles they should be able to use. Take for instance the department store John Lewis. The @JohnLewis account and handle on Twitter does not belong to them. The real user of that handle is Dr. John Lewis, a computer science educator in the United States.

The same thing happened to Heinz, creators of ketchup and baked beans. Tweeting to @Heinz will send your message to Heinz Wittenbrink. Heinz’s, the Ketchup company, Twitter handle is @HJHeinzCompany. As you can see, there is a lot of confusion going on as far as social media is concerned.

Finding out somebody’s correct Twitter handle is not a simple matter, even though the platform shows a list of possible results whenever typing in a username. I often have to Google the famous person or brand, go to their website and find their Twitter handle there. If I see a fake account following me, I immediately block and report them to the social media platform. Although, I haven’t really seen Twitter do anything about fake accounts.

It would be much easier and more convenient if everybody could get the Twitter handle they desired, but life does not work like this. Granted, every company or individual can approach the current owner of that specific Twitter handle, and give a proposal to “buy” the handle from them. If the current owner declines the offer, the hope will unfortunately end there.

The Best Social Media Solution

Instead of revamping the social media channel altogether, Twitter could adopt blockchain technology and create additional features for its users to connect with the people and brands they want. Because the blockchain is completely translucent, the technology could even be used to take Twitter’s verified accounts project up a notch. Plus, it might also help improve the results showing up when doing search on Google.

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