Top 10 Countries with the Weirdest Laws

By | September 30, 2015

Here are the Top 10 Countries with the Weirdest Laws:

1. Great Britain: A ban on people dying in the Houses of Parliament because it would necessitate them a state funeral has been named the most absurd legislation in Britain…for good reason. If you become all of the sudden ill or look sick, you will be escorted out of the building.

2. Swaziland: In 1985, lawmakers in Swaziland banned couples from any lovemaking activities in a hot spring called Cuddle Puddle. Couples were threatened with fines and imprisonment.

3. Spain: When driving, be sure not to wear flip-flops. Also, don’t leave groceries in the back seat if you’re driving a convertible.

4. Brazil: Brazilian men are still permitted to return non-virgin brides. You would expect this in a Muslim-dominant country, but not in South America. The law was in effect between 1916 and 2002 and men were given ten days to receive an annulment.

5.Greece: You would have to be foolish to do it without it being against the law, but don’t wear high heels at Greek archaeological sites such as the Acropolis. Officials found that heels pierce the ancient sites, so they put the ban on high heels in 2008.

6. Italy: It is an offence for workers in Ferrara,  northern Italy, to fall asleep in a cheese factory. I guess Italians are very passionate about their products and will do everything and anything to protect them.

7. Singapore: Don’t get caught chewing gum here. Since 1992, gum has been banned because the government was sick of people spitting out their gum on subways and other public spots. Medically therapeutic gum is an exception.

8. United Arab Emirates: If you like eating, don’t go to the UAE during Ramadan. During this time, Muslims abstain from eating between sunrise and sunset for a month. Locals expect tourists to do the same. This also holds true for Saudi Arabia and they take it seriously as those who disobey the rule can have their visas canceled.

9. Thailand: Don’t step on the money here. The currency, Thai baht, features the picture of the King of Thailand. Defaming, insulting or threatening the royal family is illegal, so that means stepping on the currency is also prohibited.

10. Portugal: It’s hard to imagine how this rule is enforced, but do not pee in the ocean in this country.

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