Top 10 Miraculous Newborn Stories

By | September 27, 2015

The world is full of miracles, especially when it comes to newborn babies.

1. Luz Milagros Veron

Luz Milagros Veron has one amazing birth story to tell. When she was born 3 months premature, doctors said she showed no signs of life and quickly sent her to the morgue. She’s alive today because her parents insisted on seeing her one last time. After 12 hours inside a sealed coffin, she moved and let out a tiny cry. She was as cold as ice, but far from being a dead baby.

2. Jesús Francisco Flores

Jesús Francisco Flores

The 8.1 earthquake on September 19, 1985 brought death and destruction to Mexico City on a scale beyond the previous experience of its residents. One woman lost 24 members of her family in an apartment collapse. A miracle happened when she stumbled upon her dead daughter’s body. The baby inside of her was still kicking. She grabbed a straight razor and cut through her daughter’s stomach, rescuing the baby. 30 years later…the baby is still alive.

3. Amal

Medics in Syria performed an emergency c-section on a woman whose unborn baby was injured in a missile strike in Aleppo. Doctors successfully remove the shrapnel from the newborn’s head, which left a large gash in the head. Although the baby’s name was never revealed, elated doctors suggested she should be called Amal, meaning ‘hope’ in Arabic.

4. Little Evie

Little Evie

Jodie, the mother of this child, underwent months of treatment for follicular lymphoma, cancer of the lymphocytes, that left her infertile. Jodie had the foresight to go through an IVF before starting chemotherapy -freezing her eggs. IVF failed. Jodie’s then only option was to graft her ovarian tissue to her pelvic and abdominalwalls. Jodie is only the second woman in the world to call this process a success; after 5 attempts. Little Evie was born last week.

5. Christian Stewart

Christian Stewart doesn’t like being on camera. You would too if you’d been called a miracle since birth. 3 months premature, his heart and lungs didn’t work on their own. He weighed the same as a baseball. Christian was fighting for his life when Hurricane Katrina hit. He was saved by Dr. Juan Gershanik and his fast thinking as they were being evacuated into a helicopter that didn’t have room for an incubator. All that the doctor had was a little bag that would give Christian  enough oxygen until they landed safe in Baton Rouge. Hurricane Katrina ended up being the costliest natural disaster, as well as one of the five deadliest hurricanes, in the history of the United States of America. It brought approximately four times the damage wrought by Hurricane Andrew in 1992.

6. Jamie Ogg

Kate and David Ogg with Jamie

Kate and David Ogg were heartbroken when they were told one of their twins –born two minutes apart at just 26 weeks  had stopped breathing and had just moments to live (2010). Thinking it was the only time they would have with the tiny boy they had already  decided to name Jamie, Kate asked to be able to hold the lifeless child, and told David to climb into the hospital bed for a heartfelt embrace. All of the sudden, the boy started breathing again.  Both of the twins are healthy 5 years later.

7. Keston Wachenheim

In March 2013, a distraught NY Lawyer, Cynthia Wachenheim, strapped her 10-month-old son to  her chest and leaped to her death from an 8 story window in Harlem and  the baby miraculously survived with little more than scratches. He bounced off his on impact and then rolled away from her motionless arms.  He was strapped to her harness during the fall. Cynthia believed that she was a bad mother; a sign of post-partem depression. Cynthia died upon impact.

8. Baby with Bullet inside Chest


One couple in Argentina believed that the world was ending due to Global Warming. They shot their two year old in the head, their 7 month old baby in the chest and themselves in the head to protect themselves. They were found 3 days later. All were dead except the 7 month old. The baby survived without food and with a bullet in the chest.

9. Isla

Paula Lackie and her first husband tried to get pregnant for 22 years. Along the way, the Scottish couple adopted two children. When Paula missed her period, she thought she was starting menopause. Seven pregnancy tests later, she realized that her dream of getting pregnant had finally come true, at age 43. She gave birth to a healthy baby girl, Isla, with her second husband in 2012.

10. Rueben Holmes

While driving a scooter in Hilperton, England,  Gemma Holmes (26) hit a parked car and was sent flying through the air and sustained life-threatening injuries. After almost dying and waking from a coma three months later, doctors delivered a shocking revelation: Holmes was nearly four months pregnant; she wasn’t aware of her condition at the time of the accident.  They advised her to abort, but she refused. In the summer of 2013, she gave birth to a healthy boy.


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