Top 10 Nostradamus Predictions for 2016

By | August 8, 2015

Michel de Nostredame (aka Nostradamus) was a 16th-century French philosopher who predicted many tragic events throughout history, including the Assassinations of the Kennedy brothers, the rise of Hitler, the defeat of Napoleon, and the unfortunate 9/11 terrorist acts. We don’t have many seers these days who can really predict the future. Nostradamus studied astrology and various “occult” sciences and used those to predict the future. Here is a list of 10 predictions that he made for the year 2016.


10. Obama: The Last President

Nostradamus predicted that Obama would be victorious in the 2013 elections, but he also predicted that Mr Barack Obama would be America’s LAST president. Does that mean that the time has come for the United States to pass the torch to someone else? Who will be the next superpower? China? Russia? North Korea? Nothing is certain.


9. Unusual Weather Patterns

In his writings, Nostradamus mentioned unusual weather patterns and natural cataclysms / disasters that will intensify further than they already have. He described the events as where ‘ Water shall be seen to rise as the ground is seen to fall underneath’. We are already seeing snow in the Springtime in many parts of the world…what’s next? 2015 also saw the most frigid temperatures ever. Can’t get any worse…or can they?


8. Unusual Planetary Alignments

Nostradamus also mentioned unusual planetary alignments and other astronomical type changes that will TRIGGER massive events on earth. I hope this does not mean another earthquake or tsunami.


7. Middle East On Fire

Petrol and Oil in the Gulf states in the Middle East will be set on fire, according to Nostradamus’ predictions for 2016. Things are heating up for the Presidential elections in 2016, I wonder if this is coincidental?!


6. Explosions in the Middle East

Many explosions will occur around the Middle East area, and Nostradamus said that planes will be falling from the sky in 2016. The Middle East has seen drastic changes and civil unrest for the past 4 years. The Arab Spring has intensified civil wars in over 10 countries, including in Tunisia, Egypt, Bahrain, Somalia, Libya and Syria. We already saw the disappearance of Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 on Mar. 8, 2014. Another plane was nearly torpedoed by a North Korean missile, 2 days before that. Anything is possible.




5. End of the World

Nostradamus also made an ambiguous statement that is making us believe that Iraq war/invasion was the first major sign (for our timeline) that the world as we know it is coming to an end. But there’s been so many predictions and prophecies already, especially that of the Mayan civilization, and all of them were false alarms.


4. White House Games

He also stated the ‘White House’ has been playing war-like games , and have set out plans to destroy the world…..starting with the Middle East, where it is like a game of chess to ‘them’. Tension between the two have never been easy, especially with the War on Terror and ISIS retaliations. Both Iraq and Afghanistan has not seen peace since Americans entered the countries to bring in “democracy”.


3.The Poles Will Melt

This is where many global warming scientists and scholars are getting their information from. Could this be happening? If you look at the high temperatures up North, you’ll probably believe that the prophecy will come true. However, the South Pole is still frigid cold and no drastic temperature changes have been noted. Global Warming scientists have always said that the North Pole is becoming warmer than usual, but nothing hasd ever been mentioned about the South Pole.


2. Fate of Israel

The fate of Israel remains unclear because of Nostradamus’ predictions. However, in paragraph #34 of the Epistle, Nostradamus stated that Jerusalem might be assailed on all sides, and a Western naval force (from the United States and or other nations in the New World) will help Israel in fighting the forces of its future adversaries.


1. Russia Makes Peace

If the Russians are “not” allied with Europe and the West during the beginning of this war, Nostradamus stated in the Epistle that a northern king from Aquilon (an allusion to Russia) will eventually help to set things right. The United States and Russia have never seen eye to eye, especially with the conflict in Syria. It will be interesting to see how this prophecy will play out. Could the Crimean War of 2014 lead to peace with Russia? I doubt that Russia wants nothing less than world dominance, but we will have to wait and see what will happen.


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245 thoughts on “Top 10 Nostradamus Predictions for 2016

    1. Jean

      I get dreams and visions that sometimes come to pass. The vision I saw was a huge amount of tents covering a great area of kand and people filled in these tents. I pray that it is a peaceful time and rulers are kind

          1. shey

            too bad you won’t be able to know the truth even when you die cz you’ll be going straight to hell.
            Please keep talking! you’re entertaining.

          2. Malcolm rowe

            Nature will do that for you if that is your wish

          3. Tony

            All Christianity is simply put having faith in the unknown. Of course we can’t know for sure what happens after death. But having faith in something to me would make for a happier more intelligent life. While having faith that there is no god atheism would seem rather closed minded. I personally believe in some weird shit and I’m definitely not knocking you on believing there is no god I myself don’t believe in the christian god but to think there’s no creator baffles me. Maybe its nothing like the heaven explained in the bible. We just don’t know. I would think even aliens believe in a creator. Open your mind maybe a bit. Like I said I’m not knockin your belief but starting research where your at in your beliefs would lead you down some badass interesting shit. Just have faith in something even if its the unknown . fuck a god whatever just from one human to the next open your mind to allow for something and after that… me…if you ever read this check out Michael tellinger..he might help send you in a happy direction. Faith in nothing is giving up. Think of human race as a whole. We don’t give up on shit man women or child.

          4. David

            When u meet him face to face YOU will change your mind ps you are right there is no God ,he has a name the creator of man kind,he is Yahweh.

          5. 1Nita

            GOD IS love (caring for one another), compassion (feeling the needs,wants of one another), belief (in not just our selves but each other). Is it so hard to believe in GOD who is me, you, him and her and all other. my spiritual God (me) is what makes me laugh, work, eat, sleep, dream, shit, love, cry, walk, run, read, greet, get up in the morning, sleep at night care, decide, have opinions etc. Spiritual GOD is the instrument that makes me me, HE is HOPE, MY guide. HE IS IN “ME”.

          6. Pearl

            I would rather die believing their is a God then to die and find out there really is one. Ops, it will be too late then! That is why God gave us freedom of choice, he doesn’t force us to do his will but allows us to make our own choices.

          7. Stephnanie

            That was not called for. You say God isn’t real? Think again. And Hell is real. And if you don’t repent and accept Jesus, that’s exactly where you are going. But I will pray that God gives you a divine visitation and revelation. I don’t see anyone go to hell. Believe me. It’s real. You might want to search YouTube and watch some of the atheists testimonies of their encounter with Jesus. This is just another effort that my merciful God is handing out to you. Robert C’s post got it right

          8. Cari

            There absolutely is a egomaniacal GOD in the bible that kills innocent people for his agenda. But that is NOT the authentic POWER and INTELLIGENCE of the universe. Golden ratio implosion is the physics of this creative force. It is intelligent in it’s GEOMETRY as a spiritual phenomenon. Sound shapes geometry or matter. Everything is vibrating because everything is waves focusing into perfect ratio geometry ALL BY ITSELF. That is GOD. Men try to copy this with knowledge and take credit for creation. The so called gods of this world are fakers. And they are all ruled by ego in an attempt to control what they will NEVER control. Nostradamus had the same secret knowledge as most Jews and gnostics had. But it was systematically wiped out or hidden from people because it is ALL ABOUT CONTROL. So what these people do, with a conscience, that have this information is release it cryptically in art so that the masses are subconsciously triggered to remember the TRUTH of the cyclic nature of our reality. We are in a loop. We have forgotten our true creator. It is the BLACK HOLE of potential that creates the LIGHT. Good and evil are a game people play. There are indeed evil entities by definition of the word but in reality good and evil are mental concepts. Shit happens and then we define what it means according to how it effects us. It doesn’t matter what people believe about God. God will not help anyone choose peace. We have to do that ourselves. That means master your mind and stop focusing on the external world. It is manipulated. Nothing you can do about it. But you CAN master your thoughts and emotions, rise above them, watch them as the observer and BE A MASTER Djed EYE. That is the name of the game and they are distracting you from it.

          1. D. Daniel

            Pearl, you came the closest to showing atheists or agnostics the common sense realization of the existence of GOD. Grab a copy of Blaise Pascal’s philosophy. Look for what is called ‘Pascal’s Wager’ on if there is a GOD.
            As a Christian I believe the only way to know GOD is through HIS SON. When you know JESUS you will know GOD.

          2. Glen

            Dog. Is devil. Everyone is enflicted with evil. Your all antichrist. News flash. Childeren are only worthy to heaven sunshine. Your all replaceable. Screw with gods roots. How dare all u. You should have shame and guilt. Oh you all will.

        1. Zash

          God has better things to do then clean up our mess! Seriously father would rather stab his balls with a fork then play with politics.

      1. Mutie

        That will be after a great war. Famine and hunger will afflict those in the tents. Worry not though, this will not be in your time.

        1. Ranjan Banerjee

          Jean , Replying to your comment on Jan 15.your dream is real now. look at the thousands of people fleeing Syria, Libya region and flocking to different parts of Europe. They are staying in makeshift tents all over. We see this picture on TV coverage regularly. In facts these predictions lead us to believe that things will get worse over a period of time and more such incidents ill take place.

      2. Malcolm rowe

        Rulers are just a measure of land and Wealth.we seem to have reached a Peak where MANKINDS technoledgy is becoming Backwards.would rather a cave than a tent

    2. gopal agrawal

      India will torch the light for whole world in coming years.all the countries will get peace from india.

    3. Archangel de Fuego

      How does this comment thread go from the 10 predictions of the Nos, to God and if he exists or not?

    1. ravi shankar

      There is a third world war fast approaching. A comet ( mentioned in the Book of Revelations) is making fast approach and will destroy one third of the land in January 2037. It will impact Europe and will cause a famine. This famine will become gradually global. The Mahdi of Greater Arabia will launch a deceptive peace program and will get his hands on nuclear missiles. Islamic prophecies mention that Islamic invaders will be successful in invading Italy. It is also mentioned in the St. Malachy prophecies that Peter the Roman will preside over the destruction of the Church. after the asteroid ( hits the sea in June 2040 will destroy one third of the fishes and ships ) hostilities will break out paving the war in 2041 lasting 23 Years. Moreover 200 million soldiers mentioned in the Revelations book will kill 3 billion people about one third of the humanity. However the Christian prophecies and Hindu prophecies mention about Kalki the last reincarnation of Vishnu who will restore order.

      1. daitchie

        The date is a little to far off for that to happen…we are living in the last days now kiddo…I’m not saying you are wrong…I’m just simply saying my Jesus is getting ready to come get us sooner than soon…nibiru is coming….just like Jesus said…his kingdom is not off this planet…maybe his kingdom is on nibiru…maybe its not….I just wish I could find all his books to collect them…

        1. Jason preston

          Matthew said, the beginning pangs of the end, you will hear more reports of wars, nations will unify and then nation will rise against nation and Kingdom against Kingdom. Have you seen the news lately, now I’m not religious believe it or not, but you have to ask yourself the question…….

      2. Dave Taylor

        To hell with religion. .. only here and now… your loved ones matter than some god no one has EVER seen

        1. child of God

          Here and now,you care not about where you spend eternity,no problem

          1. Jason preston

            I’m not religious but I do believe every word of the NEW WORLD TRANSLATION OF THE HOLY SCRIPTURES, Matthew is a good book to read.

        2. ALAN D STILES

          Watch and learn for every knee will bow and every toung will confess Jesus christ is lord!!

      3. phoghat

        ( mentioned in the Book of Revelations)
        Written by an almost illiterate person, almost 2,000 years ago, who didn’t really know what a comet was

        1. ddw

          “Written by an almost illiterate person, almost 2,000 years ago, who didn’t really know what a comet was” Oh wow!! God is a merciful God but do not think God is going to just brush off all the disbelievers out there in the world. May you go to the place you wish and deserve to go….and it will not be with God for you are a disbeliever. Good luck with your hell…or eternal death! Remember all your words of hate and disbelief when it happens. But I guess I will be ok with all the non-believers going in a opposite direction…kind of like taking out the trash…all on it’s own!!

        1. The Bearded Jew

          Magnetic pole shifts can and do happen. No continents move in the process, and no animals were harmed in the making of this pole shift.

          1. EAP

            I read that there is something to be said about continents moving during a pole shift…. for instance , the giant mammals like mammoths & mastodons Have been found as if they were flash frozen & also that there is supposedly evidence that Antarctica was once about 2,000 miles to the North of where it is now. Whether any of this is true or not , I do not know, but I must admit , that the thought scares the crap outta me. For the last 8-10 years or so , I have had a very strong feeling that something big is going to change in the world…what?… I have NO IDEA , just a feeling. And after reading all the conspiracy theories & finding out that there is MUCH more to our past than I originally thought , both excites & freaks me out beyond words. I tend to get on people about not having an open mind & I realize that a mind can be “too open” too, susceptible to a bunch of nonsense…. Yet , I find myself torn & not knowing WHAT to believe! It is so frustrating. There are so many things that the general public does NOT know & I consider them lucky for that ignorance but the question becomes…” How high does it go”?? When does the intel go from amazing technology to utter bull$hit? I WANT TO KNOW WHERE THAT LINE IS!! We should be told , so we can know how to personally deal with it!
            I’ll give you an example: A few months ago , Jeb Bush was in Florida for his campaign & I heard that some1 asked him ” If YOU are elected POTUS , will you tell the TRUTH about UFO’s” ? Daddy Bush , who there supporting him , allegedly answered ” The people of the U.S.A. , CAN NOT HANDLE the truth”!! George Sr. was the CIA Director before he became the POTUS , so , i would imagine he’s pretty knowledgeable on subjects like that! Things like that eat away at me & that’s actually a very broad statement… a bit open to interpretation. Still , I have / had access to some fairly esoteric knowledge , but theres just so much info out there & the Gov’t has been extremely effective with it’s dis-info & denial of everything from discrediting people to leading them on goose chases. From the Smithsonian to the Gov’t experimenting on it’s own citizens!! That last one still blows me away…. giving entire towns diseases & experimenting at will on us & as long as they say “We’re sorry” , it’s OKAY??? WTF!!!

      1. Mary keen

        It means the poles will diminish in size as in global warming, hence technically the poles will become closer., hence, yes they Wil move.

    2. Richard

      The pole has shifted . 3.8 degrees. We can not disprove plant x same as nibiru one and the same thing just different names … Due to NASA . since the Hubbell telescope is under strict control of government privileged

      1. James

        Every time there is AN EARTH QUAKE THE EARTHS AXIS CHANGES?????

        1. Kweenc

          An earthquake just happened in Italy and perhaps Nostradamus was onto something.

      2. Malcolm rowe

        why use Nostradamus when we can use the Hadron Atom collider thingy that shows the God Particle?Malc

  1. meta linggi

    Pslam:83 destruction of israel. M i really gonna see all this..or will it take another millennia for all this to happen. And what about world war 3 ?

      1. Trev

        From what i remember i read a book a while back about him, He predicted “metal birds falling from the sky” which would be the planes, and he predicted the first black president of the USA.. so this has to be OBAMA

        1. Michelle Frank

          wrong. there is no mention of a first black president (or anything similar) in the complete works of Nostradamus Les Prophecies. Stop believing everything you have heard or read.

      2. Joel

        By MABUS the third Antichrists obaMA and pope franCIS. He replaces the I with a U to make US

      3. Justin

        history is always right,it’s we that can get history wrong believe in yourself and be truthful of words you can also predict event like Nostradamus did.

  2. dan

    Who does he like at Belmont in the fifth race? I need some extra Christmas money.

  3. Deborah

    You have forgotten one that is happening as we speak, didn’t he say that we the people would not know who to trust? It seems that there are many people turning on others regularly, I certainly don’t know who to trust anymore. This is of great significance because it is the only thing we can change ourselves! We must stick together rather than stab each other in the back repeatedly, WTH is wrong with people, evil is coming out of the woodwork.

    1. Josie

      I agree , you don’t know who your friends are anymore. People seem to twist your words, to get you fighting with other people, and when your straight forward with them they get mad. I hate liers, People are jealous and will only think of themselves. I feel sorry for the next generation, because the way people think nowadays, is just wrong,.


      eventually you and all the converted will one day find you can only trust a hindu indian culture the knowledge of vedas gita and the teachings of shri krishna will only be the truth in the universe study, realise and decide for yourself.

  4. Saji jolly rourkela

    Is Nostradamus ptedicted anything about …
    Rapture , Antichrist ,7 years tribulation and one world currency ??

    1. jesuschristsaves

      the Holy Bible does and one world religion those who arent saved will see the 7 yr tribulation

    2. Elias Thema

      What is the meaning of antchrist?
      Does this means that anybody who is not a christian is antichrist?
      In my opinion,an antichrist must be a powerful being which is powerful enough to oppose the son of God,which in this world nobody can match exept satan or lucifer.

  5. Aysha

    all the comments have been very enlightening and fun to read, whatever may the outcome be, it is only us who will bring down upon is the Dooms day, we can avert this by being a better human being and not waiting the world to change but start changing ourselves individually, ciao and mya all reading this ahve a wonderful life ahead.

    1. Niharika

      Very beautiful thoughts. Together we can bring change by changing the way we think. All the best

      1. JSPatri

        Yes together we can bring change. Humanity must be the goal to safe gaurd us and balance of nature.

  6. Kathy

    Travelling the USA 2012, I noticed individuals who were spreading the gospel, as if compelled to do so, as on a mission from the Divine. This intrigued me, arousing awareness that maybe these are the end of days.

  7. eve

    verse says something about like a thief in the night no one knows when the LORD will return or the world will end we should worry about things we can change— people in hungry, cold, in need of shelter and most of all humans that need compassion and LOVE

  8. Michael

    St ‘MICHAEL’ the ArchAngel.

    The one, the one and only one 400 million billion trillion thousand and only 1 (Revelstion 5 the Lion. As ‘JESUS’ said ‘if not for the elect none would survive)

    More lifes then what are written down, many more. Including ‘MICHAEL NOSTRADAMUS!’

    1. saintluger

      fear and worry is what they sow and feed off of… they’re pretty much parasites… : )

  9. vera

    All that we need to avert the unpalatable predictions is for everyone to repent, ask for God’s Mercy & move closer to God

  10. big b

    Russia will ultimately gain control over the world and Putin will first make everyone believe he can be trusted before he stabs us all in the back. Research provides strong coincidences pointing to Putin as the 3rd antichrist

    1. Gerrit

      Yes You got it right ! He will gain the world trust and deceive many ! The coming Anti Christ !

  11. Martinus

    The Maya’s never predicted the end of the world, the press just twist it all around, its what a fool believes.

    1. David Sawyer

      I agree. The truth is that the Mayan Calendar was only calculated to go so far into the future before they could not calculate further. Much like humans today with technology can only calculate so many millennium into our future before the math breaks down and then our calendar stops. People in the future may have the technology to continue the calendar with more accuracy and so on. Most people either misunderstood this fact about the Mayan Calendar or they used it to make up stories. However, that is not to say I don’t believe in predictions. It’s just that I think we need writers, scholars, and researchers that are willing to separate what was meant to be a prediction vs a misunderstood factoid. So if some prophecies, predictions, and visions do have some validity they aren’t nullified by people dismayed by the false predictions predicated on the assumption of misunderstood logical events. For example much like the etymology of words can correct modern day misconceptions of definitions the correct research into historical events & scripts can help us decide what was meant to be a prediction and what was simply a correlational coincidences. That is to say even though there is a parallel relation that relation can easily be taken out of context. Proper research can help us find the proper context.

  12. rick

    God Bless You All and Dont Panic.
    Just enjoy your time on this earth as we all died sooner or later.

    1. innah

      yes! enjoy your time & enjoy life! but u must also change your life in a better way….repent and ask for God’s mercy.


  13. C Vanlalruata

    There will be another US President… even after Obama… The world will not end in 2016 because my medicine say it will expire on 2019… Lol

    1. Kweenc

      If anyone is interested in a very unusual answer, email me 🙂 hehe

  14. Duane Adrian

    If you read REVELATIONS in any Bible. It gives details for when we will have ARMAGEDDON. Its all in the BIBLE. Just read it. Only GOD knows when the world will end.

    1. Becca

      I agree with you about the biblical descriptions of the end times in Revelations, Daniel, and in the teachings of our Savior Jesus Christ. If our Lord did not tell Jesus the time when the world would end, WHY would anyone EVER believe that God would tell the Mayans who were sacrificing people in cruel and Ungodly ways?
      Why would God tell Nostradamus when he was indulging in silly and forbidden rituals that can only be seen as (at best) silly old wives tales that may have been believed to help him to see the future – while he had a very good imagination. Or Nostradamus was dabbling in the dark arts – which were forbidden not only in his country by his King & Queen, but by his Catholic Religion. (God would NEVER have been pleased with Nostradamus dealing with dark Satanic Rituals) – Even worse, As Nostradamus claimed to be praying to receive knowledge of the future, and some of his first predictions were proven to be the truth with so much accuracy, He was getting his information from some supernatural power, and God doesn’t look upon us when we are sinning, so did the prophecies come from Satan?
      Today, we are living in a world where most people believe in the ‘religion’ of Political Correctness above ALL else. Which is a very frightening state indeed. So many people between the ages of 12 and 55 actually believe that God wants them to be kind to others – and to accept sin and to deny Jesus. It is better to accept Homosexuals – Child Molesters – Murderers – & those who lie about Global Warming – When the Earth is actually Cooling – & It is better to give up our Freedom for safety – Better to be slaves than to be employed honorably in a job that we are trained for and that we are intelligent enough to do properly – For it would be better to give that job to someone who is Not Qualified and to pay the un Qualified person for the job and give them the pay so they will have a better sense of self esteem – while the Qualified person does the actual work for them, Because Political Correctness is the New Religion.
      Our Children cannot speak the Lord’s Name in School, Nor can they speak the name of the Savior Jesus. Having a copy of The Bible in School is now a Hate crime because it may make others ‘uncomfortable. In this new age, God is ‘Public Enemy Number one’ No one may say ‘Merry Christmas’ or have a National Christmas Tree Now – Our President has taken so much from our Country, He has ruined our once Blessed Nation. To create a new Muslim Nation. We ARE a Christian Nation. We were born a Christian Nation – With Freedom OF Religion! NOT Freedom From Religion. I am both ashamed for us and of us if we don’t start to stand up for what God wants us to do.

    2. Kweenc

      The world will not end 🙂 because many stories have been told by present “seer’s”

  15. Satu

    Ma – O+, O- , MaYa, People.
    Hu – AB-, AB+ , Negative logic, human race, worse than animal.
    Ya/Nu – A-, A+, B-, B+ – Animals, Torturers, Man eaters up to date.

    Nostradamus is 100% correct. The same could be found in many other religion books. Only knowledgeable people should try to decode any of this. End of the Wula and Da. War between Hu and Ya/Nu. The words Earth and World are not the same. Type ‘united nations security council resolutions’ on google. Type ‘666’ on resolutions number. You will find the accuracy of the resolution number and the date of the beginning of the war between wula and the da. And read what ‘Nuthan’ did soon afterwards on the 23rd on Nostradamus.

  16. anonymous

    don’t be fooled world. just because one man can predict the future dose not mean that he is th only human being that can. in fact we all can predict the future is we believe it enough. don;t be fooled. we are all very powerful beings. we do not know now but one day we will know. and hopefully we will understand not to one person’s theory into account just because he has been right for a long time. he wont always be right..

    1. gloria

      ?hes dead yet his readings were accurate about many things why dont we both admit the gacy we just dont know

    2. Kweenc

      It is trully interesting if you have the ability to sense things and be in a trance and write the bible and matrix and star wars. Hehehe

  17. Michael

    Saint ‘MICHAEL’ the ArchAngel.

    the one, the one and only one, 400 million billion trillion thousand, and only 1.

    Thank goodness the human race is not extinct, only half the planet will die this year, but in 9.4.2 thousand years you will be extinct.

    The human race is the most disgusting, revolting, vilest, filth ever given life to.

    1. Kweenc

      Hmmmm interesting opinion. Not all humans are disgusting. Its like saying u are disgusting…..

  18. Mvramana

    World will not end. Prophecies are predicted based onpast happenings through rationale.
    In medical studies reason for disease could causative and may or may not occur.
    Likewise the prophecy.
    Last history is available for more than 7000 years. The future history may have more length. Could be more than 10000 yrs.
    This is supposed to be 14th yuga cycle of the earth. Nothing to worry. World wars could not wipe out the population.

    1. Debra Baker Henson

      The world is suppose to stand another 10000 years during Jesus’ rein on this earth along with the 144,000 people (who are Jews not seventh day Adventists). This is after the tribulation, after we (ones who believe now as in Gentiles) meet Christ in the sky, not him coming to earth. After he reins for 10000 years, Satan is released for a short season then put into an eternal lake of fire. THEN THERE WILL BE A NEW HEAVEN AND A NEW JERUSALEM which sets above the old JERUSALEM.

      1. Missy

        Well said. The new heaven will be the same place it began. The garden of eden.

  19. SomeOne

    “But there’s been so many predictions and prophecies already, especially that of the Mayan civilization, and all of them never came true.” excuse me but mayans never claimed that world will end ! For mayans it meant beginning of new baktun. Get you’r things right next time

  20. gloria

    Um i believe i get some of the things prophecies maybe ideas to b exact too much to talk about in public internet but no offense most ppl havent broadened their horizons to even understand some rhings from a different perspective. Ive still got questions of my own but nostrad i get for the most part i dont have email if youd like to know truth youll find me

  21. gloria

    Sorry dont quite get internet thing didnt mean to reply to your comment but if u r who u say i have some questions for u as well

  22. gloria

    Really is this reply thing to what eveyones saying ok first of all an apocolypse and armegeddon are two different things i was once like u just a question for u what are u looking for and how many questions have u asked

  23. gloria

    Just out of curiosity has anyone studied any type of physics mysticism anything besides the septuagint canon and seriously im just trying to find out things for myself

  24. Ct

    You don’t have to be ignorant to see the beauty in life.One perception of life is frame by the lens one views it.

  25. Mary

    So interesting how our tiny speck (Earth), in the mega sized petri dish (universe), can cause so much termoil…dinosaurs, as ruthless as they were, seem to be the winners

    1. Michelle Frank

      not really. humans walked among dinasaurs and they were killed off because we weren’t able to co-exist.

  26. Zed Shaman

    2016 – massive earthquake in Pakistan
    2017 – start of war in Middle east
    2018 – start of WW3, US, China, Japan hit
    2019 – start of nuclear war in Indian subcontinent
    2020 – start of end of ‘Fidel’ terrorist religion (it ends somewhere in 2050 completely)
    During 2016 – 2023, Many countries loose more than 90% population, USA, Japan hit by major earthquakes, water level increases and submerging of all islands

    1. Zed Shaman

      till 2015 – red rains, water bodies turning red (google it)
      2016 – green rains, water bodies turning green
      2017 – brown rains, water bodies turning brown,
      2018 – black rains, water bodies turning black

  27. Michael

    Revelations in ‘GODS’ plan for our future

    ‘MICHAEL NOSTRADAMUS’ thats me in a previouse life, see Revelations ‘the Lamb slain before the world was made’, (dyslexic? Since the Dawn of Time), state only once in English as all the Prophet work was done in French, ‘only one man come!’

    The mighty ‘OGMIOS’ from some were in centural Europe. (Stronger then Hercules, Ogmios)

    Century 10 Quatrain 100
    300 years shall England see the day.

    The forigen queen who rule England.

    Revelations: the mother of all prostitutes the abomination of the world she who made them all drunk

    ArmagedDON in GREAT babyLON
    Also ‘the beast from the sea, given a great empire, ten headed beast been riden by a queen, are all Revelations prophecies.

    DON + LON = LONDON GREAT Britian

    The queen of the south ‘(JESUS CHRIST’ prophecy) who sits in LONDON the greatest city on earth is head of fifteen states and 250 common wealth countries.

    666 Revelation 12/3

    The two beasts as if lambs but dragons

    Prince william and harry.

    Revelation 16
    7 Last bowls emptied.
    1: disease
    2: blackouts
    3 flooding
    4: sea dead
    5: global warming.

    None repent

    6th bowl three frogs from the east go west for war over a lie over a dried up river.. sadam gadafi usama oil lies.

    The earthquake wipes out a city.

    Century 9 Quatrain 83

    In tauraus the great thearte full up ruined, the earthquake, the infedels call on ‘GOD’ and the Saint.

    As ‘JESUS CHRIST’ our LORD told me.

    No one has got the right to give life.
    But HIM
    And HIM only
    No darkness
    DIVINE RETRIBUTION is on the way.

    Not being funny but the antichrist dave cameron said early 2015 that in october 2015 they would implant a women with a man made child.

    10.10.2015 + 9months =6.6.16

    Revelation 20-7 the thousand years.

    99.99/ thats how many people i take to Heaven and why HE is given me a STAR

  28. Tom

    ‘Doubt that Russia wants anything short of world domination”. . Russia can barley keep things afloat with what they have. They have limited funds and military budget. They have no interest in maintaining global conquests which would just bring in more cultural conflicts and resistance. They have their own fears of Islamic Extremism, but while the US is protected by vast oceans, Russia borders this crap. No one wants to clean up this mess more than the Russians. Russia is not a communist country, they don’t want to take over the world. What they do want is stability, and they do NOT want to give in and play the western game of massive debts that plaguing the US and Europe. They want to keep a level of financial independence, and they feel threatened as the unstable western debt economy is approaching their borders. Think if it this way. There was Nato and Warsaw Pact. They were there to protect one from the other. After the fall of the Soviet Union, Russia pulled it’s troops from Eastern Europe and dissolved the Warsaw Pact. The US left their forces in Germany, NATO stayed and expanded into former warsaw pact areas and US military expanded into the region. Russia has slowly lost it’s power and influence to the west, and it’s now all the way into Ukraine, against the Russian border itself. In their mind, they see an economic and political invasion similar to Napoleon or Hitlers eastern campaign….only this is economic conquest and not military. They fear for their existence and identity! They don’t care about taking over the world… plus, they have islamic extremists in their former republics and along their borders. We in the US are buffered by an Ocean.

    As for these prophesies.. I think we read to much into them, but it sure sounds that with the rise of islamic terrorism in Europe, mass refugee migrations, etc…. it’s well known that much of Isis are young people who feel isolated to Islam in European society… the two cultures don’t mix well. That’s not a dislike for Islam in any way, it’s just a fact…. It’s pretty clear to me that if this is going to be defeated, it’s time that the US and Europe stop pussyfooting around with feel good bullshit and realize that being open and nice and trusting is only providing a wide open door to be exploited by those ready to take advantage of it. It’s time to put this crap down. Russia gets it… it’s time the US and Europe get on board and stop this crap before it gets goes too far.

  29. widewanderereyes

    There would be war followed by famine, pestilence and death. Earth will be desolated turned into waste land. Extreme heat will there be. All life forms will die except for some mutated organisms. Only few shall be chosen to continue the legacy of humans.
    If humans continue to be ignorant this will happen too soon.

  30. mark

    His prediction for the New World destroyed in 1999, was the easiest puzzle to solve: change the “1” to “9” and the “9’s” to “1’s” and you get the real date 9/11/1. Why aren’t the other predictions as easy?

  31. Lee Buchanan

    ha ha #5 End of world.
    Related items 2017 Nostradamus predictions. He must have been just joking about the end of the world.

  32. Jija

    Christ has risen! Truly revived!
    The truth about new Jerusalem.
    The stone which was not regarded by priests as of paramount importance is the person.
    Description of New Jerusalem is description of the person of the Golden Age – human-God (or god-human).
    The person with its dense and invisible bodies a wall four and a half meters is god’s throne on the earth it is power information protection.
    At a wall of 12 bases it is 12 systems of bodies of an organism. Crystals indicate a liquid crystal basis of an organism – (water, solutions of organic substances) thanks to the DNA galactic code there is Bioenergy information supply of all systems of an organism.
    The success of work of an organism depends:
    1. from energy (Gold)
    2. from information
    3. from health
    4. from purity of thoughts
    5. from harmony in everything!

    7 colors of a rainbow
    7 power bowls
    7 sounds of an octave
    8 spiritual bodies
    12 gate: to the south 4, to the north 4, to the west 4, to the east 4 (sons of fathers Israel designate zodiac signs, at each gate the angel and a pearl (year of birth of the person).
    The temple on the unfortunate person the believer.
    The moon – belief, the Sun (star) – reason of the person. Or as as gold – energy to political channels. The river in the city – a lymph.
    Trees with leaves and fruits: leaves bodies, fruits are yielded 12 times a year – reproductive system.
    Light is always – the reason human lights the temple always. Gate are open and day and night – the round-the-clock access to a universal information power system.
    Prophecies according to Nostradamus:
    1. There will be a sign – a body in air (Virgin Mary)
    2. In the Temple the candle very strongly, fire to a ceiling will flash, but will not burn the temple
    3. Message about new Jerusalem
    4. On August 2 war in constellation of cancer in the south of Africa, atomic explosion
    5. In September a volcanic eruption in America, an earthquake in France.
    6. War against Russia 1.02.2017

    1. Glen

      Oh my. And u might be right. But the day is not about you. It’s about Jesus Christ and all the gods and angels and the devil gods also. And that’s the facts. Now go find something else to do. This is not because of you. So go find more knowledge or fly to the moon. Who the hell cares. Your all a bunch of narcissistic fools. You have no idea about enlightenment. You still have feelings and emotions and minds. Heart is love and always will. You all won’t know strength and glory if it hit you across the face. That’s how blind u all are.

  33. Skeptic129

    My best guesses about the Book of the Revelation are that Hitler was the Anti-Christ, and Nostradamus was the False Prophet. I have read the Book of the Revelation many times, and my advice is not to worry about the end of the world, but to understand it all ends happily. No one understands what the Book of the Revelation means. It’s not something to get too obsessed with. The Christian Bible centers around Jesus, who was supposedly the King of the Jews, and the Book of the Revelation mentions that some Jews will come to Jesus and acknowledge him as King. Religious books are supposed to be comforting and prophetic; for all I know this really is the Apocalypse, but again, I think Nostradamus, even though he never called himself a prophet, was a false prophet. His predictions were so accurate that it is creepy, but never did he give us any words of hope.

    1. AK

      madam you are said correct .only bible is truth for ever.

    2. Don

      How could say that Nostradamus is a false prophet when most of his predictions happened.

    3. Glen

      Hey you. Revelations is about redemption about how Christ came back into awareness of who he is. Duh. The book was spread around the world because not even god knew where his son was at. As much as his son don’t know when his dad is going to wake u all up. But his son is ready. this is not about people. This is about Mother Earth. You and everyone else on the planet is replaceable. That’s how serious revelations is. This is not a warm gathering of how’s it going. This is you and everyone else being judged. For all your non loving ways of not fully believeing. But you will have a opportunity to come to heaven on earth but it will take pain and ability to let go. Only thing that separates u and everyone else is perception. And anger. Good luck you will all need it. Let’s see who has faith. Lol.

  34. Michael

    Science and politicans are the false prophets, i have authority to kill them all.

    Indeed the human will soon make itself so small that if the human species went any smaller you would vanish of the face of the earth.

    Less then ten thousand years and your extinct, the only reason your not extinct now is simply because ‘I AM the one, the one and only one, four hundred million billion trillion thousand and only 1.

    1. Glen

      How many of you are speaking out of your ego. And any of you know spirit. And your knowledge is your weakness. Your choice. Your pathways you choose were material and earthly. Only one soul came too awareness of Christ conscious than walked into God conscious and then was gaining understanding through everyone he came across too be guided and taught too free himself of darkness within and overcomes evil and sees both light and darkness and knows without doubt that he’s Christ God and creator of all. Hope your prepared and followed direction for your about too see now truth as God sees it. I warn all of you on earth too not disturb my mother anymore. I know who you are and judgement is upon you. 7 days and nights is upon all of you. And beauty is I and I see I as I. No one is safe or protected. This is war. You want hate as your love well you got it. Universe will never deny any of my gods. Hope your house is built upon a solid foundation of my love and only my love. 7 and 3 are all mine and all truth. I will see you and I will be among all of you. I’m God and now this is my turn too explain and give u a reality check.

  35. Santhosh Naidu

    As per Indian vedic the 10th avatar of Lord vishnu, as kalki will guide the world and destroys bad and dark who appears in sky in white dress code and on a white flying horse but as per vedic there are still thousands of years to the end of kali yug ( this era), for more information just search in Web regarding this. But until the end some Spiritual leader will rule this world in good and equality.

  36. chuks

    The Bible is what everyone should believe.. No matter whaT will befall this nation, it won’t affect everyone. It will only affect one fouth of the earth. those without the seal on them… Those with the seal on them are covered… How do I get the seal? One may ask… Simple, just accept Jesus christ as your lord and personal savior. His blood will cover you… That’s the guarantee I have

  37. Michael

    Date given to create life, 6.6.16.

    On 6.6.16 they use pigs to grow body parts…latest technics in creating life

    No one has got the right to give life
    But HIM
    and HIM only.
    No darkness
    DIVINE RETRIBUTION is on the way

  38. Michael

    The world is destroying itself through religion, greed and poverty. The one percent will try to eliminate the rest and fight amongst themselves for the leftovers. Good luck!!!

  39. Michael


    Glory to ‘GOD’.

    7 Year tribulation.
    7 years ruled by the antichrist.

    dave cameron the master of deception has stepped down just before 7 years.

    Now he will strike out in rage.

    Daniel 11
    Daniel 12
    Then ‘MICHAEL’ one of the chief of princes will stand up and every last one of them will say to the rocks ‘fall on us!’

    Century 10 Quatrain 74.
    7 years achieved after the great millennium.

    The great games of slaughter.

    Olympic Rio games.
    Blood bath.

    Signed, your getting what you deserve

    St ‘MICHAEL’ the ArchAngel

  40. Arvin

    God won’t destroy us when he looks at our calendar an see how small the number is, he made us for us to improve show our believes and relieves. Stress and madness just makes it worst. Yes there will be a Great War in Italy because of ISIS…(the center of ISIS is in Italy). You think ISIS is getting destroyed but those maniacs are out there trying to make history and no government gives a crap about them. ISIS is reproducting and have more soldiers I guess the next 20 years ISIS will be global… We should only try to pray God for mercy and even if we die, we die with no pain… As God said if you die for me you will have no pain.
    Try to change the ways of thinking and living
    Nightmares are far away if you pray.

  41. lucky

    All religions are proving only about WW3 but there is no end of world. But after WW3 there is only 0.14% species are leads life on earth, after WW3 the earth will able to repair itself and revolves around sun as same now. Our mother earth faces already 5 mass EXTINCTIONS causing upto 75% species wipe out then now 6 th extinction by MANKIND this is leads to problem to MANKIND not for EARTH.

  42. Michael

    Glory to ‘GOD’

    The antichrist, dave cameron has struck out in violence against Afghan again.

    Prophecy listed above fulfilled.

    Time has run out for humanity.

    If you were obideant and repented only 200 million would have died, but as your all scoffers 2.3333 billion will die.

    Ps Century 10 Quatrain 74 the games of slaughter.

    Is not the european cup happening right now??

    5 goats, satins angels dead, the police.

    Your getting what you deserve.

    I predict a volcano / earthquake.
    Many dead

  43. Juan Carlos

    Centuria X
    Cuarteta 72
    El año mil novecientos noventa y nueve siete meses,
    Del cielo vendrá un gran Rey de terror:
    Resucitar el gran Rey de Angolmois,
    Antes después Marte reinar por dicha
    Nostradamus nos habla de algo que vendrá del cielo y que provocará gran terror entre los humanos.
    ¿Que puede venir del cielo que provoque tanto temor entre la humanidad?
    Un asteroide.
    Cuando los astrónomos descubren un nuevo asteroide el nombre que le ponen es el del año en que ha sido descubierto.
    En 1999 astrónomos descubrieron un asteroide que se acercará peligrosamente a la Tierra en el año 2027 y en 2039.
    Asteroide que lleva por nombre 1999 AN10.
    ¿Nostradamus nos está dando el nombre del asteroide en su cuarteta y nos dice que se va a estrellar contra la Tierra?
    ¿ Nos está diciendo que después de la caída del asteroide la guerra reinará felizmente? (Marte dios de la guerra en la mitología romana)
    Centuria I
    Cuarteta 69
    La gran montaña redonda de siete estadios,
    Después paz, guerra, hambre, inundación.
    Rodará lejos abismando grandes regiones,
    Aún antiguas, y gran fundación.
    Montaña redonda se refiere a la forma que tiene el asteroide y nos dice el tamaño , siete estadios.
    El estadio es una unidad de longitud romana equivalente a 134 metros.
    El tamaño total que nos da para el asteroide es aproximadamente de mil metros , la misma que tiene el asteroide 1999 AN10.
    Nos dice en la cuarteta que antes de la caída del asteroide habrá paz pero después vendrá la guerra y que la caída del asteroide provocará inundación, de esta forma nos está diciendo que caerá en el mar, abismando (inundando) grandes regiones.
    Centuria II
    Cuarteta XVIII
    Nueva y lluvia súbita, impetuosa.
    Impedirá súbitamente a los dos ejércitos:
    Piedra, cielo, fuegos hacer la mar pedregosa,
    La muerte de siete tierra y mares súbitamente.
    En esta cuarteta nos habla de una piedra que vendrá del cielo y hará la mar pedregosa. La caída del asteroide en el mar conseguirá desplazar el agua provocando un tsunami dejando al descubierto el fondo marino viéndose hasta las piedras que hay en él. (Haciendo la mar pedregosa).
    En el apocalipsis de San Juan también se habla de la caída de un asteroide en el mar.
    “El segundo ángel toco la trompeta, y como una gran montaña ardiendo en fuego fue precipitada en el mar; y la tercera parte del mar se convirtió en sangre y murió la tercera parte de los seres vivientes que estaban en el mar, y la tercera parte de las naves fue destruida” (Apocalipsis 8:8,9)
    Nostradamus escribió sus cuartetas en francés, si observamos atentamente la primera línea, se puede traducir por “El año 1999” y al mismo tiempo nos está dando el nombre del asteroide “El an 1999”.
    Century 10
    Quatrain 72
    L’an mil neuf cens nonante neuf sept mois,
    Du ciel viendra un gran Roy d’effrayeur.
    Resusciter le grand Roy d’Angolmois.
    Avant apres Mars regner par bon heur.
    También observamos que Nostradamus ha incluido la cuarteta del asteroide en la décima (10) centuria dándonos más pistas sobre el nombre completo del asteroide que en un futuro impactará contra la tierra.
    Asteroide an10 1999.
    ¿Donde caerá el asteroide?
    Nostradamus nos dice que caerá en el mar provocando una ola que inundará grandes regiones.
    Solo hay que buscar alguna cuarteta que nos hable de una ola de grandes proporciones.
    Creo que la cuarteta es la siguiente:
    Centuria VIII
    Cuarteta XVI
    En el lugar que Hierón hizo su nave fabricar,
    Tan gran diluvio será tan súbito,
    Que no habrá lugar ni tierras donde refugiarse,
    La ola subirá Fesulano Olímpico
    Hierón II, rey de Siracusa (265-215 a. C.) mandó construir un navío con el cual ningún otro pudiese competir, y en efecto, fue tan grande que no se halló en toda la Sicilia un puerto que pudiese contenerlo y lo entregó cargado de trigo como regalo a Ptolomeo III en Alejandría.
    Fesulano: Faesulae, Fiesole, es una ciudad de la provincia de Florencia, en la Toscana, Italia. Se encuentra a 8 km de Florencia en una montaña (346 m). En esta ciudad encontramos perfectamente conservado un teatro romano.
    ¿Que puede provocar un diluvio tan súbito del que nadie pueda escapar?
    ¿Que puede provocar una ola de semejante magnitud que vaya desde la ciudad de Siracusa (Sicilia) hasta la ciudad de Fiesole al norte de Italia?
    ¿El impacto de un asteroide en el mar y el tsumani que va a provocar?
    Centuria II
    Cuarteta 16
    Nápoles, Palermo, Sicilia, Siracusa,
    Nuevos tiranos, fulgurantes fuegos celestes:
    Fuerza de Londres, Gante, Bruselas y Susa
    Gran hecatombe, triunfo festejar victoria.
    En esta cuarteta Nostradamus nos vuelve a nombrar la ciudad de Siracusa junto a fuegos celestes y gran hecatombe.
    Juan Carlos de Madrid

  44. John

    Two things in this article has given away the fact that the person who wrote it is ill informed. How could one opine that Russia wants nothing less than world domination? Without Russia the second world war would have been won by Nazi Germany.

    Secondly the Mayan people have never let us down in their predictions. The end of the world was never predicted for 2012. Only that of a new era. Which has begun as predicted.

    Interesting read nonetheless I’ll give the writer that.

  45. GrantOz

    Trump or Clinton. Both psychos that are likely to succeed Obama. Obama last president. Good Chance I reckon. Trump for anti christ

  46. GrantOz

    I can see Trump on a power trip claiming to be christ returned already

  47. mediafox7

    Ok hang on a min, Nostradamus never gave dates to any of his predictions and neither was he specific. Yes somethings coming, look at history it’s plain to see, BUT IT’S NOT THE END OF THE WORLD. Believe me. Yes this is an apocalyptic example but when the meteor hit the planet and wiped out the dinos, they were already dying and the rock was a killing blow. The french Revolution, people got sick and tired of being treated like shit that soon it came to a point and they killed the king. The rule of reality is that yes when times are blissful, it will soon fall to an end. But the harsher truth is that when times are rough and slowly get progressively worse, something will come to finish it. We should not wait for it in fear but rather enjoy what we have now. I don’t know whether whats going to happen will be good or bad, but with the French Revolution, some people won freedom for fighting back and others were simply born on the wrong side or died in battle. Whatever happens will be good for some and bad for others. Enjoy what’s now, not incase we lose it, but rather so we know we’ll never look back and think “I should’ve spent more time with that” or “Why’d i take that for granted?” . Whatever happens, just love what you have. Don’t ever fear losing it, because in fear we do frightening things.

  48. Gaurav Srivastava

    World will never end. It is a cycle. And this world is made up of science and nature. We can’t justify them. both axists. Accept it. And this is necessary because if you follow only science then you are inviting those who always wanted to use science as terrorism . Save nature save family.

  49. Randy R Almonte

    Number 7 is already happening Isis is burning the oil so that the drones and planes in the sky won’t be able to see them. These are verry hard times. every one should prepare for the worst.

  50. Sam

    Nostradamus prediction : India will produce the immortal ruler
    eternalcadence 4 years ago Categories: geeks corner Tags: india, love, Nostradamus, predictions, prophecy, ruler, russia

    Quatrain 75, Century X

    Long awaited, he will not take birth in Europe,

    India will produce the immortal ruler,

    Seeing wisdom and power of unlimited scope,

    Asia will bow before this conquering scholar.

    As if this were not a sufficient warning to fanatics, Nostradamus makes his meaning still more explicit in the following:

    Quatrain 96, Century X

    The religion of the name of the seas triumphs,

    Against the fanatics of the Khalif’s adalat,

    The murderous creed of the false alefs,

    Between the Hindus and Christians will be caught.

    This prophecy need a little explication. In geography, one finds the Hindu Maha Sagar (the Indian Ocean in English). Hinduism is the only religion with a sea (an ocean, rather) named after it. The Moslem fanatics believe that the Shariat or Koranic law with its sexual licence is God-given or Khalif’s adalat. The Koran itself opens with the letter alef (A) in Arabic. Both Hindus and Christians have suffered at the hands of Moslems and seek revenge. Lebanon is a foretaste of things to come. The Nostradamian quatrain spells the doom of the creed.

    If this interpretation should sound far-fetched, consider yet another prophetic quatrain:

    Quatrain 50, Century L

    From the peninsula where three seas meet,

    Comes the ruler to whom Thursday is holy,

    His wisdom and might all nations will greet,

    To oppose him in Asia will be folly.

    South India is the only peninsula in the entire globe where three seas meet a point and stretch away. The great Hindu leader who will wipe out our enemies will hence be a south Indian who offers worship on Thursdays. It is easy to see why Nostradamus specifically mentions Thursday as the holy day. It is only Hindus who consider Thursday sacred. Moslems pray on Friday; Jews bow before God on Saturday; Christians bawl hymns on Sunday at church. Nostradamus is making it clear here that the conqueror will be a Hindu from South India. He will bind Asia together under his rule.

    The Hindu leader, however, will not be a tyrant. He will be ruthless with the Moslem fanatics. But he will win over the communists by persuading them of the timeless varieties of Hinduism. Russia will become India’s ally:

    Quatrain 95, Century III

    The creed of the Moor will perish,

    Followed be another more popular still,

    The Dnieper will be the first to relish,

    The wisdom which imposes its will.

    The Moslems are often called Moors by Europeans owing to the nearness of Morocco with its Moslem faith. Incidentally, the Dutch who landed in Ceylon also called the Lankan Moslems as Moors. Even today, the Lankan Moslems are officially designated as Moors.

    The Dnieper is a great river in southern Russia. The seer’s forecast seems to suggest that Russia will be the first among Communist countries to abandon Marxism in favor of Hinduism. The Red comrades in our midst will doubtless throw up their hands in horror at the mere idea. But Riencourt, the French writer, quotes a prophecy made by Ramakrishna Parmahamsa shortly before his death which strongly supports the French seer’s prediction. Shri Ramakrishna declared that his next birth would be to the north-west of India. In other words, he will be reborn in Russia as a Hindu holy man! Communism is certainly a more popular creed than Islam. But both will be alike vanquished by resurgent Hinduism.

    Russia will be greatly benefited by its alliance with the Hindu Rashtra. Nostradamus describes Russia’s good fortune :

    Quatrain 26, Century V

    The Salvic folk will be on the winning side,

    And rise to the highest point,

    They cast off their paltry ideological guide,

    The mountain-army crosess the sea in an expidition joint.

    As the Hindu troops sweep through the Middle East avenging former wrongs, the Russian army in the Caucasus mountains will link up with them. The paltry ideological guide who will be abandoned is Karl Marx. The sea to be crossed is either the Mediterranean or the Black Sea.

    Inevitably, the question crops up: Are such things possible? Here is a convincing reply to prove the seer’s clairvoyance :

    Quatrain 77, Century III

    In October seventeen twenty-seven,

    The Afghans and Turkey will score,

    Areas lost by Iran, Christians beseech heaven,

    Against Moslems shedding innocent gore.

    This event took place exactly 172 years after the publication of the forecast by Nostradamus in 1555. Afghanistan and Turkey made an agreement in October 1727, dividing up Iran. Christian communities which came under Turkish misrule were brutally treated in Georgia and Armenia (both now in U.S.S.R). Nostradamus had never been out of France except for a brief visit to next-door Italy. Yet he foresaw what the Afghans and the Turks would do in Iran in October 1727! This is truly an amazing prediction by any reckoning. None of the parties concerned had ever heard of Nostradamus.

    Let us now return to the Hindu holy war.

    Quatrain 59, Century III

    The empire of Islam by Hindus overthrown,

    The majority of Moslems will succumb,

    To radio-active fall-out by India blown,

    Making Muhammad forever silent and numb.

    Interestingly, in his prose-introduction to the “Centuries”, the seer dwells at some length on the destruction of Islam and Mecca. The city will be smashed up in such a way that all those who enter it will sicken and die. The only interpretation of this forecast is that there will be radioactive fall-out in the area. Nostradamus declares that the Hindus will be engaged in the task of revenge for seven years from the seventh month of 1999. Interestingly, even Islamic texts predict doom in the 15th century of their religion.

    After the destruction (annihilation would be the exact word) of Islamic power, the Hindu leader will march on the Europe. Both Egypt and Israel will rally to his standard.

    The Hindu leader with Hebrew leaning,

    Marches on Rome and its allies,

    His ships sail from Libyan mooring,

    The Bible-chanting clergy dies.

    This tremendous onslaught will be bloody. In yet another forecast Nostradamus remarks that the Hindu army will lose 2,50,000 men. But victory will be attained. It will be decisive.

    Pressage 40

    Rome of seven hills hit by calamities quick,

    Storm, deluge, epidemic and consuming fire,

    The Hindus give Europe a colossal kick,

    And conquer it with revengeful ire.

    The atrocities and fraudulent conversions by Christian missionaries will thus be avenged in the total destruction of Rome.

    The Pope and his canting clergy will seek refuge in Paris. They will be assisted by a Scottish leader who is called Hadrian in the “Centuries”. This is a reference to Hadrian’s Wall to isolate Scotland built by the Roman emperor Hadrian, 1,800 years ago.

    Hitherto there has been no mention of America in this narrative. Nostradamus mentions it by name only once. It is time to consider the implications of his incredible forecast :

    Quatrain 66, Century X

    The British leader by America sent,

    Red Ken Livingstone, Mayor of London – “Roi Reb (Red)”?Will ruin Scotland by a clever plan,

    Boss Reb’s foes will be sorely rem,

    And damn him as unchristian man.

    It has been already noted that the Scottish leader nick-named Hadrian will join hands with the Pope against the Hindus. Amazingly, the United States will side with India in the war! The Americans will nominate a leader in London who is intriguingly called Boss Reb. He will be a veritable fox in cunning. He will defeat to Scots thoroughly and bring down the Christian alliance around the Pope.

    Judging by the “Centuries”, the climateric war of 1999 will find India, Russia and America ranged on one side as allies. Is this at all likely? For answer, let us turn to the famous American seeress Jeane Dixon, whose forecasts have been collated in a best-selling book. Its title is “The Gift of Prophecy”, authored by Ruth Montgomery.

    Jeane Dixon correctly foresaw the Partition of India in 1947, and the assassination of Mahatma Gandhi shortly afterwards. She was frequently consulted by American presidents. She told President Roosevelt in 1944 that America and Russia would be in alliance in 1999 against China. At that time (1944) Communists had not yet seized power in Peking. But in 1949 they were victorious. Incidentally, Jeane Dixon forecast Sanjay Gandhi’s death in 1980.

    At present, America and Russia seem set on a collision course. Can they ever make up heir differences? Recent history proves that such about-turns are not impossible. Only 15 years ago, China and America were enemies. Today, they are allies. It would be utterly unwise to pooh pooh even bizarre possibilities. Truth is often stronger than fiction.

    While the America take over the government of Britain through their nominee Boss Reb, the Hindu leader will advance upon Paris, where the Pope is holed up.

    Quatrain 29, Century II

    The Hindu hero will march from his base,

    Nuclear destruction of ParisCrossing the Apennines to enter France,

    Conquering the clouds and seas ice,

    All enemies will fall before his lance.

    Paris will be taken after a fierce siege. Hadrian will be killed in a vain defiance. At this juncture, Nostradamus makes a curious observation. He predicts that a tree in the center of Paris will crash down. What tree? Could it be the Eiffel Tower, built more than 300 years after his death? From a distance the Eiffel Tower rather resembles a giant oak-tree.

    What of the date of the beginning of the titanic fight which will send India on a holy war? Nostradamus provides a precise answer

    Quatrain 72, Century X

    Bearing upon him the Mongol-sign,

    The great king of terror jumps from heaven,

    In July nineteen ninenty-nine,

    Mars to a just war will be driven.

    The classical name for the Chinese emperor was “Son of Heaven”. A Chinese leader will therefore, launch a terrible war in July (Nostradamus says seventh month) of 1999 in imitation of Genghis Khan, the great Mongol conqueror. Mars is the seer’s nick-name for a French statesman who will resist China in 1999. He will be exiled from Paris till the Hindu army rescues him and restores him.

    What is one to make of the predictions of Nostradamus? Will they come true? The seer himself admits that the “Centuries” were written in a mystical trance. The conscious mind did not produce them. When it is remembered that more than 800 of the forecasts have already been fulfilled in the last 400 years, skepticism seems unwarranted and inept. In quatrain 42, Century X, the seer predicted that the British empire would collapse in 1942. In that year, the Quit India movement gave the death-blow to British imperialism. What makes the forecast truly breathtaking is the fact that there was no Britain and no empire when Nostradamus published his predictions in 1555. England joined up with Scotland to form Britain only in 1603. The battle of Plassey was fought in 1757, heralding British rule in India.

    Nostradamus saw far beyond both these events to forecast the end of British hegemony in 1942. This alone should make clear that the French-Jewish seer possessed divine provision.

    When Nostradamus published the “Centuries” in 1555, the title referred only to the arrangement of quatrains in groups of 100 years. It was not an allusion to the hundreds of years that the predictions actually span. There are 10 centuries in all, making a total of about 1000 quatrains. But Century (7) is incomplete with only 44 verses. The short-fall is adequately made up by additional quatrains include later. Ever since their first (1555) appearance, the Centuries have been a perennial best-seller.

    The first English translation of Nostradamus’s great work was made in 1672 by Theodore Garencieres. The second translation came in 1715 from the pen of a priest who called himself only by the initials D.D. The next translation was in 1891 when Charles Ward made a scholarly attempt to interpret the often-obscure quatrains. Ward’s translation was reissued in America in 1940 by the Modern Library. At that time, the Second World War had been started by Hitler.

    Hitler and his Nazi Germany made a clever attempt to misuse Nostradamus for propaganda purposes. A New edition of Centuries was printed in Germany giving a totally false interpretation of his prophecies. But Nostradamus himself had not the slightest doubt about Hitler’s ultimate fate. He predicted that the Nazis would be annihilated (Quatrain 77, Century VIII) after murdering countless Jews.

    In 1982, President Mitterand of France let it be known that he was an avid reader of the Centuries. In 1983, the well-known actor Orson Welles produced an immensely popular American television show on the forecasts of Nostradamus. There have ben so many English translations of the Centuries in the recent past, that the British journalist Taya Zinkin wryly remarked that Nostradamus would top any popularity poll. Mrs. Zinkin is no stranger to India. She spent many years in Delhi as a correspondent. Nostradamus predicts a glorious future for India.

    About these ads

  51. Sam

    The above note i got fro a hindu news site says this has been predicted by nostradamus already…….pls check…

  52. Michael

    Glory to ‘GOD’

    The games of slaughter.

    Earthquake in Italy kills 300.

    7.4 years since last Italian earthquake.

    I seen ‘GOD’ on 1.11.2002.
    Add 6 years 6months 6 days on 6th.

    Century 6 Quatrain 66.

    La Aquila falls in a quake, as said by me ArchAngel Saint ‘MICHAEL’ in a previouse life of MICHAEL NOSTRADAMUS.

    7 years
    4 months have passed.

    7777 the pinnacle of perfection of holiness hijacked by satin were satin son seen.

    Also dave cameron came to power exactly 7 years 7months 7 days later on 7th and lasted in power for 7 years.

    Ie seven year tribulation, if you know the meaning of number 7.

    October 2017 the first super moon since the tetrad is a sign for the world.

    Signed, the Son of ‘GOD’ Saint ‘MICHAEL’

    PS as NOSTRADAMUS said ‘many will come and boast they have knowledge of me, but only 1 man will truly know me.

    This confirms the Holy Bible

    Revelation 5

    I AM the 1
    The 1 and only 1
    And only 1

    The only reason your not extinct.

    The games of slaughter.
    300 dead in 7.4 italian quake.

  53. Michael

    As you see by my letter dated above 9 july 2016 century 10 quatrain 74 earthquake during great games.

    300 dead italy
    A city wiped out.

    Now you have prove i will wipe out london extinct, i will strip the queen naked and you shall eat her charred remains.

    For you scofferes..

    Be silent for ‘GOD’ the Holy Spirit the Angel of death before i slay you..

    Ps next celistal date..super full moon october 2016 & not 17.

    As for the sun.
    It will fall out the sky.

    Our LORD the ‘CHRIST’ ‘GOD’ will return flying a whinged crrature. Aye a green Dragon.

  54. Steve

    1999 was when Satan was cast out of heaven. The reference of the real battle between God and Satan began in 1993 in May exact date I AM not going to tell you. 27 years the war will last and then the remainder of the prophesies in revelations will come to pass you all seem so well versed in the teachings and yet you still have rejected the messengers that I have sent.
    The good news is that there is forgiveness for all who turn to me.
    By the way you aethiests out there only a fool would believe that there is no God because even the demons acknowledge God.
    Take note the days of the end will be shortened for the sake of my chosen ones so be ready at any time now I will come like a thief in the night.
    Remember to forgive one another and love one another for there is too much hatred and negativity going on without contributing anymore to the mix.
    Our Lord Serve Our Lord.
    Ol sol.

  55. Michael

    This is the sign for the 15/16 super full moon of october 2016.

    Obama. May. Puntin.
    America England Russia will declare peace in Syria.

    False hope

  56. Jere

    It is written that fools despise wisdom and the beginning of wisdom is to fear the lord I feel sorry for people like Tony and the atheist. In the meanwhile I will pray for the Lost Souls I hope someday soon you have an Awakening A Spiritual Awakening please don’t limit yourself the laws of man is foolishness God bless each and everyone of you.

  57. Jere

    Michael is very very careful if you were truly he the Archangel Michael you would not have to speak it we would know just saying

  58. Jere

    Honestly I was foolish to come to this site because in the Bible it is written these are Satan’s secrets I don’t really want to know some Secrets I could really care less but I do care about my brothers and sisters who are lost and confused. May God have mercy on each and everyone of you prayers are with you

  59. Michael

    The celestial date was given 15/16 10 16, the first super moon since tetrad.

    Yesterday and today, all heads of state gather to stop the violence in syria.

    Thats 3 accurate predictions.

    6.6.16 were they create life
    Olympics earthquake
    And the celestial date.

    Yet you only need 2 signs to confirm your a Saint and i have knocked out 3 signs.

    Now you can rest assured I AM the Prophet, Messiah, Saviour and RESURRECTION.

    Kill me and three days later i will raise this DIVINE HOLY TEMPLE up.

    The next Prophecy is…..
    The false messiah, will rise up, the great deception if satin will continue.

  60. Michael

    Added, great deception boris johnson brexit, sas over mercy killings, trump.

    (15/16.10.16 celestial date, Daniel & Jeremiah, Hosea and others).


    Winter in the hottest parts usa, snow added israel, asia, europue.

    Wine, next year starting 1.11.2002.
    Revelation 14.4 & the 1,440

    Rescue only those who cry..

    Ufo my…….

  61. Michael

    Tuesday 18th october .

    America and russia stop bombing syria

    Prophecy of celestial date fulfilled

  62. Steve

    For love of God all eyes and ears toward the skies amazing times are upon us now.

    Ol sol

    1. Glen

      Steve. Glad your aware. Time has come. Please no matter what u think see or believe remember too breathe. Stay still and breathe. Don’t react till the smoke clears. We all must experience pure darkness and we will. I died within for all. Now my time has come. Eye see and will prevail. My vision is almost upon my earth. Ask for the white light for protection. 3 times a day. Love is light and dark. Love is not separate as you all think and believe. Everyone on my planet will be equal and see my ways. Nothing you or anyone can do or say. Love you all. Be still for I am God.

  63. Steve

    I forgive everyone who has treated me not so good as I also ask forgiveness for what I have done love each and everyone of you.
    Century VIII
    Many helps shall come on all sides,
    Of people’s far off,that would want to resist,
    They shall be upon a sudden all very hasty,
    But for the present they shall not be able to assist.

    The situation of the refugees that we would all like to help but can not due to the warfare going on from the nation’s against ISIS and therefore for the time being the Syrians will suffer.
    Ol sol

  64. Michael

    Any and every fool, predict wwiii.

    Only a fool would predict violence.

    Where as the real Prophet and Saviour and Messiah and Resurrection would promise peace and deliever it..

    Next year world wide peace is made on ‘GODS’ creation, planet earth

  65. Steve

    How wrong you are there will be no man made peace check your bibles and the prophets for the very fact is everyone has already deserted Jesus thus fulfilling his own prophesy that everyone would leave their own homes (hearts) thus leaving the father ,son and the Holy Spirit. To chase their own desires and preaching peace when that is not what all the prophets said at all. Wake up and not only smell the coffee but drink some as well for you are all going to be judged.

    Ol sol

  66. Michael

    To be what!!!,??,, ,..????

    Your just playing a game i have set up, emotions ago.

    See bbc

    The weather.
    The war: wow whiii satin is about to be born.

    mans achieved the biggest sin of all.

    Super, nice knowing you.

    St ‘MICHAEL ————-‘ ArchAngel.

    Holy Bible.

    ‘They will all beg to be dead!’

    The only way to survive is too cry

  67. Michael

    Not that I AM. given those who cry a chance…..I AM (Mosses said ‘who are you? HE replied ‘I AM who I AM’!.

    The LORD.

    ‘king david & king ‘JESUS’ our Lord said

    “Sit in honour my LORD
    untill i humble thy enemies at they feet.
    My LORD.”

    My enimes, speak up.

    But those who cry, show hope.

    A lot of people are going to die.

    As HE said.
    “No one has got right to give life.
    But HIM
    and HIM only
    No darkness
    DIVINE RETRIBUTION is on the way
    DIVINE LIGHT only”

    in your professional experince, how long till man manufacturs’ the first off sping?’ (Watch out for dvd), the birth of satin?

    Come back to satin so i can kill you all over again…..

    Kill me, I AM the RESURRECTION


    Im getting a STAR
    Im getting a STAR
    Im getting a STAR.

    A STAR above all other stars.

  68. Joanie

    It is explained in the Bible; those who believe Jesus, the Son of God, died on the cross for mankind, so that ALL SINS would be forgiven, will enter The Kingdom of Heaven. By His death, we are already forgiven of sin, as we are all sinners! That is the bottom line…THE BIBLE IS THE TRUE WORD OF THE LORD. If you do not believe in God, that is your choice, but I have experienced many blessings and answers to my prayers (Ask and you shall receive) in my life, to know that a Loving God exists and loves all of creation.

    1. Glen

      Only one has passed beyond all sin. And please don’t say you have. Your not suppose too. I know you might not agree. It don’t make you wrong or I right. I know beyond all. I love you and all of you. It’s not your fault. May god be upon us all.

  69. Steve

    There is a time for everything today is a time to repent.
    Planet Earth Planet of Lies I call it .
    If you truely know God then you will know who I AM.
    With regards to all that has happened and what is about to happen just remember as the Lord did say.
    I warned you.
    Do not fear fellow man for although he may be able to kill you but that is all he can do.
    Fear God for God can destroy both flesh and spirit.
    Michael your star is dim and does not give light pray now for the devil approaches you now to test your resolve.
    Ol sol.

  70. Steve

    Until you 1have seen a dark spirit across the night sky then you may realise that even darkness can not hide.
    Before you ask yes I have seen a dark spirit cross the night sky many times there is so much going on that you all just do not see yourselves.
    For in the end times it was written that there would be two prophets telling about what is to come and it is nothing that has not already been said before I am one of those prophets and before you deride me remember a prophet is never believed by those who the message is for as passed prophets were not believe by those that they were sent to warn except Jonah.
    Ol sol

  71. ravi shankar

    There are three bull markets in the 21st century where equities will outperform real estate. 2003 to 2008, 2013 to 2019 and 2031 to 2037. Just as Gerald Celente is predicting the collapse of the dollar even my research predicted that in 2019 the predictions of Gerald of food riots, hyperinflation and devaluation of the US dollar by 90%. Once the US debt hits 20 -22 trillion by 2019 there would be dumping of the dollars by the Chinese and the Arabs. This will lead to 90% of the collapse in the dollar. Moreover just like the 12 Year period saw the collapse of USSR from 1991-2003 similarly the US would see a decline in the percapita income and fall in standard of living from 2019 to 2031 to US$ 6000 from US$ 60,000. By the way just like Britain the USA debt has crossed 100% of the GDP indicating worsening economic conditions. With decline in US spending on defence Europe would see the Mahdi of Greater Arabia enter and use nuclear weapons and a fierce war between India and China in which billions die. Further Russia and China would initially fight in the war ( 2037 to 2064) but will come to an agreement to target the US splintered into various states and occupy it.

  72. Michael

    The final insult is just around the corner.

    The greatest bombast anything created by ALMIGHTY ‘GOD’ could ever say.

    Man did it

  73. Larry

    By Trump’s win as US president(him being close with Russia), it mostly covers the last prediction about Russia making peace. This prophecy has finally played out.
    Don’t y’all think that the prophecies on middle east has also happened….
    now, did he predict anything about India dude?


    Why are you so confused about the end of the world .When we stop breathing , that is the end of the world for every one of us , that is why we should repent and pray before we sleep , because we can never be so sure if we are going to wake the next day . Woe to the unbelievers , for you do not have place in heaven , you don’t even thank God for the air that you breath . Lucky are those who believes even if you don’t see God face to face , your faith saves you .

  75. Dominique D. Ebuspte

    I have a vision. A PERSON in the position of power, spreads lies and confusion to the many. Catching fire like dry brush. Screams begin. Soon a bolt rings aloud, dragging that PERSON to JUDGEMENT. The screams cease…

  76. Steve

    Time is right for the dead to raise up from their graves.
    Lost souls to be retrieved by Our Lord.
    Be on the watch for the salvation is at hand.
    Pray now for you do not know who will be taken and who will be left to go through the great tribulation.

    Ol sol

  77. Rebecca

    You’re not going to post the coordinating quatrain along with the interpretation? Son’t you think that’s a bit misleading?

  78. Michael

    I AM the one.
    The one and only 1.
    400 million billion trillion thousand.
    And only 1.

    I AM the living living amoungst the living dead.

    Yes the whole entire human race is zombies.

    The walking dead

  79. Steve

    Michael you may be one but god is infinite and not constrained by you solitary view you still have much to learn.

    Ol sol

  80. CJ

    OK. I have been Seeing, for sometime now. Your Key is Right, Butt, ” No Man, knows the hour, not even the Day”. that is a little off. Remember They changed the Zodiac #’s in 2016. ? Not far, just a Little, Off.

  81. CJ

    I am not negative. Love Nostro. you all seem genuine. keep Revealing the Truth. It’s much better than Hollywood Fiction..carpe Diem..

  82. Michael

    There are 300 million fools in america, soon thier will only be 150 million left.

    Thier is 7 billion fools on planet earth, soon there will only be 3.5 billion left.

    If anyone asks you, ‘what is your job?’
    You reply ‘im a grave digger’!

  83. Sachin

    Is it true………….???????????? If yes then how……??????????????????????????????????

  84. Michael

    The year of our LORD 2017.

    The english will give life to satin.

    As ‘JESUS CHRIST’ told me.

    “No one has got the right to give life.
    But HIM.
    And HIM alone.
    No darkness.
    DIVINE LIGHT only.
    DIVINE RETRIBUTION is on the way”!

  85. Steve

    One day there will be friendship between two great leaders
    Their great power will be seen to grow
    The new world will be at it’s peak of power
    To him of blood the number is reported

    Century 2, Quatrain 89

    Ol sol

  86. Steve

    Twenty years of the moon’s reingn pass
    Seven thousand years another monarch shall hold
    When the sun takes up his days
    Then shall my prophesies be complete

    Century 1 , Quatrain 48

    The moon’s reign started blood moon 1999

    Ol sol

  87. Michael

    Time for a Biblical reality check.

    Revelation 20: after a thousand years satin shall be loosened, he will be free for a thousand years, after the thousand years are ended wwiii.

    The start date when satin was loosened was 1016, the thousand years ended in 2016, now 2017 donald trump is the fool that takes us into wwiii. Atomic nuclear war.

    It will be a short war as the LORD ALMIGHTY ‘GOD’ ends all wars for the next 3.6 thousand years.

    Horray Glory to ‘GOD’, satin is going back to hell with all his followers and liars

  88. Steve

    Your timing is way out you do not understand the scriptures Babelon the great ( America ) is about to fall when you all still do not know so turn from your wicked ways or I shall set you on fire and no one will be able to put the fire out.

    Ol sol

  89. anon

    This looks fake, where are those test where nostradamus say that?, how do i know if those arent a shit transcription or something?

  90. Steve

    Both were taken directly out of a book by J H Brennan titled Nostradamus Visions of the Future published 1992 feel free to check other translations if you want but the only thing fake would be someone who puts down their name as anon.

    Ol sol

  91. Steve

    Ezekiel 12 (22,23,24,25,26,27,28)
    Son of dust what is that proverb they quote in Israel -The days as they pass make liars out of every prophet.
    The Lord God says, I will put an endto this proverb and they will soon stop saying it. Give them this one instead: The time has come for all these prophecies to be fulfilled.
    Then you will see what becomes of all the false predictions of safety and security for Jerusalem.
    For I am the Lord what I threaten always happens. There will be no more delays , O rebels of Israel I will do it in your own lifetime” says the Lord God.
    Then this message came.
    Son of dust the people of Israel say his visions won’t come true for a long time’
    The Lord God says, ALL delay has ended I will do it now!
    Taken from The Living Bible fifth printing 1986 And apropriately living being an operative word because God is The God of the living
    Ol sol

  92. Michael

    ArmagedDON in Great babyLON.
    LONDON GREAT britian, the beast that rises up from the sea, that controls the seven hilled city, ie seven continents.

    At the hight of evil a queen put on the throne she is the mother of all prostitutes the abominstion of the world.

    Century 10 Quatrain 100.
    300 years shall england see the

    ‘MICHAEL NOSTRADAMUS ‘ (thats me Saint ‘MICHAEL’ ArchAngel in a previouse life. More lifes then what are written down, many more), also said ‘never will england now an enemy until a german queen is put on the throne’!

    Petrus Romanus.

    700 years shall Ireland be a slave of england then go free.

    Ps dont listen to steve, his a fool whose a wanabe super hero whose jealouse.

  93. Michael

    Century 9 Quatrain 83.

    An earthquake will strike very shortly.

    What do all you false prophets say.

  94. Michael

    Earthquake kills 30 in italy.

    Now no one can deny..I AM the Prophet.

    Saint ‘MICHAEL’ ArchAngel.

    The one.
    The one and only one.
    400 million billion trillion thousand.
    And only 1

    More lifes then what are written down
    Many more.

    Dyslexic? Since the dawn of time.

    Im going to be a STAR.
    A STAR above all other stars.

    HIS given me a STAR for this.

  95. Steve

    Michael what are you doing on earth when you are supposed to be in heaven fighting against satanic forces that are attacking Israel as for Earth Quakes there will be many this year more powerful and devastating than this one and it will not prove me to be a prophet. If you are who you say you are then heal the nations and bring thexm all to God for salvation and eternal life. I pray for you now that your courage strength wisdom knowledge of God and above all Love increases so you can continue your quest.

    Ol sol

  96. Michael

    What am i doing on earth!!????

    The human race is about to blow the universe up by given life to satin. As satin want to end all life.

    But you have lost the war.

    Earth will perish, so satin is the only one left praying for you.

  97. Steve

    You only lose the war when you give up all hope and faith the reason so many on earth is testament that there is still time for all to turn to God and that includes you trying to put yourself above others we are all equal now learn your lessons eagerly or you will learn the hard way.

    Ol sol

  98. Michael

    The human, the most disgusting revolting vilest filth ever created by ALMIGHTY ‘GOD’. only satin is praying for you.

    Now as the LORD ‘JESUS CHRIST’ said ‘if not for the elect the hour would not be shortened and no one would survive.

    Time for a rendition.

    I AM the one.
    The one and only one.
    And only 1.

    Now ‘GOD’ HIMself told me this (Revelation 5, the Lion, the Lion of the four living creatures the Man the Lion the Eagle the Ox, thier is no fifth Messiah only extinction of the human race’!)

    As your so embarassed by what I say, HE is embarassed of you and you are not welcome in my glorious Kingdom.

    Im getting a STAR.

    The new Heaven and Earth.

  99. Steve

    Beyond all doubt be humble in the presence of the Lord for you would have no power over me unless given directly to you from GOD himself. These times we are in have never been seen before no nor will they be ever seen again for I have come and tried to fore warn people for many years been thrown into prison twice for 10 days each time as foretold in the scriptures true mankind is destined to be headed for the very disaster as written but never let it be said that I did not pass on the final warning turn now and receive forgiveness and everlasting life of abundance or continue trying to persist in having your own way and and be sent to judgement of the hypocrites where you will be weeping and gnashing of teeth. IT IS YOUR CHOICE FOR YOU ARE FREE TO CHOOSE. Do not ever blame God for your own misgivings. There is still time but not much of it is left.

    Ol sol

  100. Steve

    Dear Michael watch now in the skies at night your star will arrive then you will know what to do.


    Ol sol

  101. Abduhl Mohamed

    Amazing how these con artists distort Nostradamus in order to match whatever they want just to make fools out of all these poor people who actually believe in this mindless garbage. GET AWAY FROM THESE KINDS OF SITES!
    Grab your BIBLE, Pray for guidance, and seek the Truth for yourselves.

  102. Richard J. Kuhar

    How can any sane person believe in this bullshit. Did he say JFK’s name in his book of prophesy, or Obama’s, or Hitler’s for that matter, the answer’s no. The so-called predictions in his book could’ve applied to anyone or any
    event that happened after his death, only an utter fool would believe anything in his book.


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