Top 10 Nostradamus Predictions for 2017

By | March 1, 2016

We’re already looking into our crystal balls and checking Nostradamus’ books to see what he predicted would happen in 2017:


10. Russia & Ukraine Will Sign a Peace Agreement

According to Nostradamus, 2017 will be the year Russia & the Ukraine come to an agreement – the terms of the agreement are unclear at this time. The United States will oppose the new truce, but Germany and other EU members will embrace it. That’s different from what has already happened and what we’ve read in mainstream media reports.  US Vice President Joe Biden voiced his stance in December, 2015 – the United States is determined to see Russia adhere to a shaky Ukrainian peace agreement and hand back Crimea to Kiev.


9. China Will Make Bold Moves

China will make bold moves to cure the “economic imbalance“ in the world. According to Nostradamus, its actions will have far reaching effects. Will China become the new Superpower as Baba Vanga happened to predict in the 20th century? The past decade, the notion of China becoming the world’s next superpower has become almost an idee fixe for global politics theorists. Compared to the other so-called BRICS – Brazil, Russia and India – China shines like the moon. Between 1978 and the present, China has been able to surge from being a marginal player on the global stage to a powerhouse that has attracted $2 trillion of foreign direct investment.


8. A Year of Definition for Latin America

While 2017 will not be a breakout year for Latin American countries, Nostradamus also predicted that it will be a year of redefinition for them. Governments will move away from leftish policies and will help set the stage for potential civil unrest in the region.


7. Italy Will Face Financial Hardship

Unemployment and loans will make Italy the “epicenter” of the EU financial crisis, shifting attention away from the Greeks and Spain. The Italian banking system is in serious trouble and the failure of these banks is simply the tip of the iceberg. Non-performing loans, loans that debtors are not paying off as agreed, but which have not yet been written off by the banks, have been on the rise the past two year. At this point 18% of all outstanding loans in Italy are non-performing.  Reviving Italy’s economy will require sacrifices not just from Italians, but also from other EU members.


6. Cloud Computing Will Disappear

Nostradamus also predicted that the term ‘cloud’ will disappear from the phrase ‘cloud computing’ by 2017 because most of the computers will simply be assumed to be done in the cloud.


5. Superpower Sclerosis

The current superpower, referring to USA, will become increasingly ungovernable and incompetent to take care of the world. Ideological polarization, political corruption, growing inequality, globalization of corporate and financial elites, and large-scale social system failures will be the growing factors in the sclerosis.


4. Wars over Global Warming

Nostradamus believed the possibilities of ‘Hot Wars’ could be escalated in 2017 due to global warming and diminishing resources. As far as the warfare itself goes, the greatest threat in the future will be terrorists and bio-attacks.


3. Commercial Space Travel

Commercial space travel is the real deal, but beyond orbital flights things will become exponentially more difficult. The moon, asteroids and mining missions are unlikely targets within the next two years.


2. More Widespread Use of Solar Power

By 2017, solar technologies could account for a significant portion of global power generation, according to Nostradamus, helping economies and businesses guard against rising energy costs and the impact of climate change.


1.North Korea & South Korea Merger

North Korea and South Korea will merge. Kim Jong-un will be dethroned and will seek refuge in Russia. NORTH Korea dictator Kim Jong-un is “crueller” and more dangerous than his father. The youngest scion of the ruling family which has dominated North Korea for 65 years inherited the leadership of the “Democratic People’s Republic” on 17 December 2011 upon the death of his father. Since that dreadful day, Kim Jong-un has caused a perilous international crisis by testing a nuclear weapon and threatening to use it against America and South Korea. He also distributed a strange photograph of himself purportedly in the act of ordering “merciless” nuclear strikes against the US mainland.


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97 thoughts on “Top 10 Nostradamus Predictions for 2017

  1. Rose Marie Bañagaso

    the articles above are all telling things about the end times. Some sounds terrible but whatever would happen and when would it happen much better for us to prepare and its time now to repent and go back to God. The creator and is to come!

    1. Sei Martins

      Truly Rose you have said all. The Bible clearly tells us, the days coming are evil. JESUS COMING SOON.

      1. Elijah

        He already came and left. The people left behind are in hell. This includes you.

        1. darz

          Not all prediction is true, We didn’t know what will happen today tomorrow or on other days.
          Just prepare at all times. Enjoy life and dont forget god.

      2. Shameless

        You cannot believe what you don’t fully understand. Please use your God given Intuition to realize that ONLY LOVE is all that is. ONLY LOVE will save this planet. Only LOVE will prevail. Trump will be crushed. He’s not LOVE he’s the embodiment of EVIL. Please know that no one is going to ‘save’ us. We MUST save ourselves and the only weapon that will help us is LOVE. Peace

        1. Metalbuoy

          Looks like trump trumped love? Or a better assessment may be Hillary was a horrendous candidate. And a marijuana prohibitionist. Good riddance. Bernie Sanders 2020.

        2. Deborah

          Wonderful reply Shameless..
          I am with you 100%..ONLY LOVE will save us ,,
          Trump is evil & I believe as you 100% will be crushed..
          Only through this VERY dark period
          will our human form finally come to realize what our spirit has known all along
          that WE are responsible for
          our behavior & that to change our world starts with oneself.Brightest Blessings & Peace.

    2. sexybiscuit

      you didn’t get the first sintence from the bible did ya, this article talks about widespread use of solar panels and the treaties of ukrane and Russia and the unification of the korreas, it dosnt sound that terrible. you just want to use this article to lazily get people to repent.

  2. chax

    The president thing is freaky. Because i think trump will win this election and because of all the left wing people against him and their violent protests, i think that may bring civil unrest and its going to turn ugly..

    1. Yolanda

      Yes this is the most ugliest election ever. And I really don’t see why people can’t see that Trump will not be able to do the things that he say no other President has because presidents do not run the countries their only a face to a position he can only do what the elite tell him to do…

      1. jr ross

        You’re right. Trump won’t win anyway though. Hillary was preordained from the start. They only allow who they want in there. She will continue to do as they say and totally ruin America. If Trump did get in there he would only show ppl. what u are saying because everyone knows he’s opposed to it. They could not allow that to happen. Hillary will go 2 terms even though no one really even likes her.

        1. Ina Mainguy

          Be careful what you ask for: you just might get it, and what you get you will not like Trump is vicious, you have witnessed it over and over again. he would rule like a dictator, and we have witness in other parts of the world, and it’s not good. He measures peoples worth by their wealth ; so unless you are stinking rich, I would wish that on myself He is spiteful, and mean, he reminds me of a snake. He calls it counter punch ; so unless you are prepared to idolize him, agree with him on everything : you will get counter punched.

          1. ERIKA

            Hillary is the real snake,
            People who believe in her are liars too!
            Sorry, but TRUMP is going to win.

          2. Mike

            You wouldn’t know a snake if it bit you. And you don’t know Trump. He is nothing like you describe or imagine. You sound just like a democratic Hillery supporter all the way. Full of bad judgement and deceit.

        2. CB

          Lol, wrong! Trump was elected and is currently serving as President of the United States.

        3. john

          You were saying about Hillary winning? or was it Trump won’t win…some people who wrote that down on the internet must feel pretty foolish by now 🙂

          1. Orie

            I take comfort in the fact that Hillary won the popular vote, which was the highest count ever in the U.S. elections. Also, the only reason the Trumpet won the electoral vote was because he was in cahoots with Putin in his hacking the election! And no, I don’t feel stupid, foolish, or whatever other adjective you want to use. As for the Trumpet, “Not my President!” God save America from this embecil and the rest of his flunckies.

          2. Krystal

            And Hillary had people vote for her who were not American residents and were illegal! Your point Orie?

        1. Con ken

          Only a fool would want a murdering crook for a president. Trump 2016!
          Even though I think the elite and killery will kill trump before they would let him

          1. Nelson Alvarez

            Then why is Trump hiding his tax reports? Even in an audit, he can show it. He won’t show it because he cheated to pay little to no amount. If the IRS, FBI, or whoever decides to investigates this, will find out that Trump is paying ISIS to attack and grow. He doesn’t reveal his taxes because he is selling America out. If you retaliate with Clinton emails, ISIS rose up in 2014 making the “her involvement with terrorists” thing is bullshit.

        2. Jack

          Purchase Astro-Glide now if Hillary is elected. The middle-eastern refugee men want to introduce you to the customs of their homeland.

        3. Jack Shea.

          I agree Hillary Clinton is a very high acheiver, and very well educated. She’s a Lady Who would bring great pride and respectability to the Office of President of the United States of America. Mrs Clinton is a very capable Lady Who’s very qualified, and would make a great President. If Mr Trump takes up Office on January-20-2017 My greatest fear is He will not be able for His Post, and the United States will be the Laughing Stock of the World. How in the Name of God could this have happened.

      2. DeCoops

        The elitists wield too much influence, what the subservient to this group never realizes is that you can only be born into this group. everyone else are just toys to be played. Should we all give up on humanity because of the nature of man. Are good intentions given up on so easily because greed has become so prevalent.

      3. Kerry A Lord

        I respectfully disagree. Trump will make a great president. He’s not evil, not corrupt, aND not a liar. Sure, he’s not perfect, but compared to the Clinton’s, the biased, liberal media, and the whole dnc, he is most definitely more appealing to her. I will not disrespect her by any means, but will say, with everything that has been revealed about her and her campaign and wiki leaks and project veritas, come on people, proof is in the pudding that there has been tremendous wrong doing, goes deeper than ever imagined, it’s disgusting. I predict Donald trump will be the next president of the United States. And…space should be freedom up in this country with all the celebrities who claim they are leaving the country when he is elected. Good riddance, that certainly will be part of making America great again

        1. Orie

          What planet are you living in, Kerry? The Trumpet is the most evil, corrupt, liar, sexual predator, and self-serving human being that ever walked on this earth! People, wake up, for the love of this U.S. of America, which has always maintained its greatness. I believe this Trumpet is an alien from one of the other 7 planets!

          1. Michael

            Did you see Trumpet to do like sexual predator or other activities what make him disgraceful? Also, not Clinton or Trump or other’s are do loyal to you or us or to any citizen in the past or will be in the future. Always will be the System and always will be the TAXES for grow up each month of our life’s and do not forget, will see if new president resolve Jobs for US because of many years all companies betray US for run in Asia to abuse of slaves children’s. and let US and Europe without Jobs and of course, Money. So, it’s better look around you and tell me what do for citizen best with Jobs any of the presidents of past 10 years?

          2. Gail Berg

            Totally Agree! He’s cheated working
            People out of MILLIONS & got away with It! He’s the one that’s CROOKED! He’s Mentally UNSTABLE, MORALLY UNFIT To be President! He only cares about Himself! Nothing but a FRAUD!CROOK!BULLY!RACIST!LYER, & A Dirty Old Man who FORCES HIS ATTENTIONS ON WOMEN!

      4. Pat

        no one can “buy” Donald Trump – he will do what he says he will do – he is not owned by anyone – he owes no one any favors…..

        1. Orie

          The only thing The Trumpet owes is his obligation, like any American, to pay his Federal taxes and swallow his pride so that he can properly apologize to those individuals whom he has so ugly offended w/his repulsive remarks! And that’s the end of this tune.

      5. ty

        This is a great point, the elites pretty much control everything and the presidents are only puppets. Sad, but true.

    2. Dunkitlickit

      If trump wins, there will be protests, if hillary wins, there will be protests. we’re stuck between a rock and a hard place

      1. lalala


        1. Con ken

          Bernie Sanders was a sold out betrayer of his followers, if he does that to them, he would cut the rest of usa throats for a dollar.

          1. Pat

            That is so true – he is now back to being a socialist instead of the democrat..

          2. Kara Trott

            Um. Your don’t know what it was like to play the card Bernie was dealt. Fuck off. Seriously.

    3. Serena Foran

      Gosh i was thinking that when i read it and it gave me a shiver….lrts pray he doesnt get in x will be a sad day for the world i think x

    4. Lou

      I agree with you 100 percent. As of today militia groups are arming themselves getting ready to attack major areas in black neighborhoods and Muslim areas in case Mrs. Clinton wins. All the violence Trump condoned at his rallies has infected this country. I never believed in Nastrodamus but over the past 15 years my mind has been changed. I know who I voted for. I am stocking up on foods and water that will last for 20 years or more. Families have turned on each other. Co-workers have turned against each other, church families. I feel this is the last election this country will have. The US is done

    5. Craig Johnson

      Wow! You sure called it! Here we are two days after Mr. Trump won and the streets are filled with exactly what you described! Take care, Craig

    1. Orie

      The way Mr. Trumpet likes to sound off about rounding up all the illegals and shipping them to who knows where, reminds me of the time when Hitler and his Nazis rounded up the Jews and shipped them to concentration camps. Do we want to see history repeat itself?”Mr. Trumpet, tear down this wall!”

  3. The Undecided

    I believe 2017 will be 1 of the worst yrs the u.s. has seen. All I can do is stand back & watch the series of events unfold. But I don’t think it will be the end of world/times.

  4. Juan Carlos

    Centuria X
    Cuarteta 72
    El año mil novecientos noventa y nueve siete meses,
    Del cielo vendrá un gran Rey de terror:
    Resucitar el gran Rey de Angolmois,
    Antes después Marte reinar por dicha
    Nostradamus nos habla de algo que vendrá del cielo y que provocará gran terror entre los humanos.
    ¿Que puede venir del cielo que provoque tanto temor entre la humanidad?
    Un asteroide.
    Cuando los astrónomos descubren un nuevo asteroide el nombre que le ponen es el del año en que ha sido descubierto.
    En 1999 astrónomos descubrieron un asteroide que se acercará peligrosamente a la Tierra en el año 2027 y en 2039.
    Asteroide que lleva por nombre 1999 AN10.
    ¿Nostradamus nos está dando el nombre del asteroide en su cuarteta y nos dice que se va a estrellar contra la Tierra?
    ¿ Nos está diciendo que después de la caída del asteroide la guerra reinará felizmente? ( Marte dios de la guerra en la mitología romana )
    Centuria I
    Cuarteta 69
    La gran montaña redonda de siete estadios,
    Después paz, guerra, hambre, inundación.
    Rodará lejos abismando grandes regiones,
    Aún antiguas, y gran fundación.
    Montaña redonda se refiere a la forma que tiene el asteroide y nos dice el tamaño , siete estadios , unidad de longitud romana equivalente a 134 metros.
    El tamaño que nos da para el asteroide es aproximadamente de mil metros , la misma que tiene el asteroide 1999 AN10.
    Nos dice en la cuarteta que antes de la caída del asteroide habrá paz pero después vendrá la guerra y que la caída del asteroide provocará inundación, de esta forma nos está diciendo que caerá en el mar, abismando (inundando) grandes regiones.
    En el apocalipsis de San Juan también se habla de la caída de un asteroide en el mar.
    “El segundo ángel toco la trompeta, y como una gran montaña ardiendo en fuego fue precipitada en el mar; y la tercera parte del mar se convirtió en sangre y murió la tercera parte de los seres vivientes que estaban en el mar, y la tercera parte de las naves fue destruida” (Apocalipsis 8:8,9)
    Century 10
    Quatrain 72
    L’an mil neuf cens nonante neuf sept mois,
    Du ciel viendra un gran Roy d’effrayeur.
    Resusciter le grand Roy d’Angolmois.
    Avant apres Mars regner par bon heur.
    Nostradamus escribió sus cuartetas en francés, si observamos la primera línea se puede traducir por “El año 1999” y al mismo tiempo nos está dando el nombre del asteroide “El an 1999”.
    También observamos que Nostradamus ha incluido la cuarteta del asteroide en la décima (10) centuria dándonos más pistas sobre el nombre completo del asteroide que en un futuro impactará contra la tierra.
    Asteroide an10 1999.
    ¿Donde caerá el asteroide?
    Nostradamus nos dice que caerá en el mar provocando una ola que inundará grandes regiones.
    Solo hay que buscar alguna cuarteta que nos hable de una ola de grandes proporciones.
    Creo que la cuarteta es la siguiente:
    Centuria VIII
    Cuarteta XVI
    En el lugar que Hierón hizo su nave fabricar,
    Tan gran diluvio será tan súbito,
    Que no habrá lugar ni tierras donde refugiarse,
    La ola subirá Fesulano Olímpico
    Hierón II, rey de Siracusa (265-215 a. C.) mandó construir un navío con el cual ningún otro pudiese competir, y en efecto, fue tan grande que no se halló en toda la Sicilia un puerto que pudiese contenerlo y lo entregó cargado de trigo como regalo a Ptolomeo III en Alejandría.
    Fesulano: Faesulae, Fiesole, es una ciudad de la provincia de Florencia, en la Toscana, Italia. Se encuentra a 8 km de Florencia en una montaña (346 m). En esta ciudad encontramos perfectamente conservado un teatro romano.
    ¿Que puede provocar un diluvio tan súbito del que nadie pueda escapar?
    ¿Que puede provocar una ola de semejante magnitud que vaya desde la ciudad de Siracusa (Sicilia) hasta la ciudad de Fiesole al norte de Italia?
    ¿El impacto de un asteroide en el mar y el tsumani que va a provocar?
    Centuria II
    Cuarteta 16
    Nápoles, Palermo, Sicilia, Siracusa,
    Nuevos tiranos, fulgurantes fuegos celestes:
    Fuerza de Londres, Gante, Bruselas y Susa
    Gran hecatombe, triunfo festejar victoria.
    En esta cuarteta Nostradamus nos vuelve a nombrar la ciudad de Siracusa junto a fuegos celestes y gran hecatombe.
    Juan Carlos de Madrid

    1. Martinus

      Something tells me you just wanted to tell a storie…

      1. Ramesh

        Sorry, USA supported pro-terror state Pakistan, who bribed China and so both shall reap to suffer by victory of India against pro-Pakistan China and Pakistan-threatening USA. India shall be helped by Russia, so Bible prediction of the war between pro-Chinese Arabs and pro-USA Jews shall be the order of the day till doomsday.

  5. Edgardo Olaes

    Inclusion will be the Philippines. There is a phenomenal new President who is getting started to lead the nation.

  6. frederick Stepanek

    the half a minders and the gonna doers wind up being the neverdoers. just take car e of your loved ones and all things will unfold as they always have. most all prophecy is already in the bible. ans has been wayyyy b4 nosyboy. validation is a powerful narcotic it appears. OUR LORD JESUS CHRIST asked us to have faith. no need to look further.

  7. nivla

    who will be the nxt prophet ? who will can change this ? , 2050 destruction ?

  8. natty

    hmmmmm, awesome predictions, but the source l compare to the biblical balak,… he is not God sent. the world may act out his predictions or walk it out in God. it is a choice. ….”.choose this day who you will serve,”

  9. Jazzy

    Trump will will win and we will move away from the last.
    It is what it will be. Things will be be good for awhile it will be people that distroying themselfs from anger.

    1. Orie

      Jazzy, come down to earth. Mr. Trumpet will not win. Snap out of it!

  10. Christine Brooks

    I believe we will be raptured up in Sept./Oct 2016. Trump will win and fix all the problems. That will be the first 3 1/2 years….good years. Then the last 3 1/2 bad years……all hell will break loose. Then the battle of armaggeddon.

  11. DeCoops

    Its nice to see the occult playbook prior to the game, but if we cannot depend on the players to stay the course and fight off corruption, ultimately mammon will surely secure the victory. Healthy and wise should be the new game plan !

  12. Jennifer

    Trump is a man called of God to open the door to get the Gospel out so everyone will have the opportunity to get saved and more will come to Him before He returns. Things will be better like in a previous comment, however, they won’t stay that way because Jesus Christ is coming back for His people, the church. And when that happens, all hell will break loose on earth People pray and be ready!

    1. Orie

      I don’t believe Mr. Trumpet has enemy been inside a House of God (Church, Synogogue, Mosque, etc.).

  13. Kristin

    Hillary Clinton will win the election but will not be able to be sworn in due too being unfit or locked up/ martial law and Obama will have 3rd term

    1. Tracy King

      Kristen, I believe that is what’s going to happen. Hillary will win the election but will never take office. Does anyone find it strange why President Obama changed his last name from Satoro to Obama. Obamanation means to go against God.

      1. M

        Abomination = anything abominable; anything greatly disliked or abhorred.

        Learn to read and write

  14. metalbuoy

    Trump wins only because Hillary is such a horrible person and crook and some real evil stuff about her is going to be released soon so she loses, but America is already dead so the fall will continue under either reprobate we choose.

    1. Orie

      Metal buoy: America is still great and certainly not dead. What world are you living in? Now, if that disrespectful man who is so narscissistic and an egoist is elected, then my beautiful America will then become ugly. God save America because that man on the ticket will not make it great again. AMERICA is still so, so great!

  15. andrea

    I read the 10 for 2016 and it said that Nostradamus said that our president “Obama” would be the last president we would have…………..

    1. Orie

      Yes, I read this too, about three months ago, that President Obama would be our last U.S. President. Spooky, no?

  16. rylee king

    im still wondering who to tell my dad to vote for. hillary or trump. #wonderingandwondering

  17. joe

    I the one predidction I don’t get is the Korea merger, but he did predidcted the spilt of them.. Before

  18. Anonymous

    Do you want the psychopath or do you want the racist? Either way if we get Hillary or Trump the United States is going to be in huge trouble. None of the presents are going to bring anything good.

    1. Michael

      You are perfectly right. A problem come from people with less experienced LIFE. you know, house work, house work, house work and Taxes.

  19. Anonymous

    Do you want a sinner as president?? ( Trump) we are all sinners…. Or do u want a killer ( Hilary) shes all for abortion right that makes her a killer..

  20. Missy

    I believe you all need to lighten up. No one wants evil. We are getting the answers right now because The higher power (God) is here. Look at what is happening. There is right, wrong and uninformed. At this point Hillery is sunk along with so many who are playing the game. Who Lie, steal from the poor or so so to in rich themselves. So they think. But really they will be taken down. We are seeing karma now. Trump did not need to do this. He is far from perfect but he is A Man who can help us. I do not think anyone of you can throw a stone. With out guilt of your own. For me my animals are my family. But for all of you who have kids “WAKE UP” I can die and not worry about leaving my kids behind. I feel it in my animals but I can not imagine what it is like to leave my kids or grand children behind cause I was not thinking about them. I am here living it right now with all of you. We got the Power! We have to work together. For there will not be an America anymore if we can’t come together!

    1. Orie

      Elijah: Wake up! The Trumpet is the evil one walking this earth and now he wants to destroy our beautiful America! Again, he is a racist, bigot, sexual predator, and he has no class. He has a pending Court case for sexually assaulting a 13-year-old some years back; but no one is talking about this. He knows nil about politics much less how to run a country! Look at some of his business ventures that went bankrupt–this torn on our side needs to stick to business, not politics.

  21. Anthony

    We have laws that are federally broken and to laugh at our constitution which states no one person can run for any office especially the Presidential office while under federal investigation . Some of our prestiged Generals are in federal prison for doing far less then what our secretary of state has done. Destroying federal docuementa , deceiving federal investigators with untruth and disclosure. Clinton foundation doing bad buisness taking donations for victims Haiti and for those who beleive shes there for your child cause she cares ! What about the minor teenage girl senator Weiner was sex texting she didnt bring that cnild up in her cheap rhetoric on caring for children !

  22. Msculpepper

    I’m so sorry I read most of these comments. The idiocy is abundant.

  23. Lou

    One thing I have noticed is I have been posting on major network websites and even though I give exact places I have researched to make sure my info is correct, if it is anything anti Trump I get a notice our site no working at this time. Thank u for this site. I am able to speak my point about both candidates (who I think should step aside and let the vice presidential candidates run) because emails on Hillary, racketeering and rape on Trump (his court dates are in November and December after the election). I just pray whatever and however it ends there is peace. But I see someone pulling a trigger and like the Civil War it wii never be known who started it

  24. Jackie Thomas

    Everyone who believes Hillary must be Brain dead!! She is a Liar, a murder and she gives away our secrets. And you think she should be President??? Give me a break.

    1. Orie

      If you say Mrs. Clinton is a liar, murderer, etc., what about The Trumpet who is a sexual predator, racist, bigot, and only out to better his business enterprises? Give me a break!

  25. Michael

    I can’t support in any mod a woman who, make discrimination enter man’s and women’s and yet want’s to be president also in U.S and in any countries of all World!, and, I can’t support anyway a man whom make in a personal mod, the life of his Citizens and yet want’s be president in U.S or in any countries of all World!. I don’t understand what kind of president it is in U.S and do not know how many American companies run to Asia and left all his Citizens to make hungry and to become desperate to suicide themselves or to wait in vain for somebody give attentions to professionals people whom try to make their attention for be hearing to contribute again to their country and their Society. I don’t know what president it is Human.

  26. Michael

    Also, nobody talk about how many women’s are than man’s in U.S and if opinions of man’s are hearing and no mass media talk about that because they forget also man’s. Curious indeed about this fact. Obviously, the vote’s go wrong and not correct.

  27. Richard Tobin

    I perform annual predictions every year for the year ahead. These posted here, however, are so far off for what’s ahead I’d rather sail on a Princess Cruise liner than depend on this to set my course for the next 12 months…especially with the Ukraine. I’ve worked with the Quatrains and Centuries…I understand their historical perspective and weaknesses. Using his old ink to predict these events is beyond walking on shaky ground…it’s quicksand.

  28. Arrow

    Now that trump is dictor, it’s ok to disrespect women! Grab your daughters by the pussy and make them go clean the toilets. As the illegals leave, the Americans will have to roll up their sleeves and get to work. Lots of undesireable work out there that illegals do for us today. Man handling women is now ok, after all- our dictator does it. Oh and if your daughter gets raped, hope you can afford to travel to a state that allows for abortion! Classy! 👌

    1. Orie

      Yes, the Trumpet resembles a dictator. However, when you talk about so called “illegals,” can’t you be a little nicer and just say “undocumented workers?” After all, you’re no better than the Trumpet when both of you are downgrading these individuals who, as you say, do all the undesirable work that you and I wouldn’t do.

  29. Lol

    Ok all us think that Hillary is a snake and Trump but Trump did win, I did vote for Hillary because Trump is sexist to woman & racist to Mexicans and bigot, even though I dont like either but,I KNOW Trump will cause of this nonsence! He is the reason why this is happening! 2017 Trump as prez and bad things will happen in 2017! That MUST mean that Trump will cause this because HE IS THE PREZ And if any of you people are going to reply to this very comment that Hillary is worser than Trump or anything you dont know what your talking about Trump is a worser human than Hillary and Hillary is also a bad human but Trump….WAY WORSE he is going to cause this………. Maybe you dont know!

  30. You ALL lose

    All of you people are sickening. Read what it says about Superpower Sclerosis. Whoever wins the presidency is going to ruin the country. Ruin it. Completely. And you idiot trash are bickering over candidates. Well guess what? The USA is going to crash, and no matter who you voted for, YOU are going to be devastated. And guess who did get elected? Donald Trump. And your skin tone is not going to buy your groceries, pay your mortgage, or pay your medical bills. But…..Trump will finally be the billionaire that he has been lying about being for years.

  31. David

    Let me tell all of you a little secret. Forget the politics and politicians, forget the past mistakes all countries have made you will debate on the for years and accomplish nothing. GOD said IN THE BIBLE these things would come to pass. We have been living in the end times ever since JESUS was crucified on the cross at Calvary. We have been led astray by pastors who have said ” AAL THESE THINGS WIL HAPPEN BUT DONT WORRY WE WONT BE HERE WE WILL BE RAPTURED”. While the rapture will happen understand that it will not happen until more bad and evil things will happen. In the bible it says in 2peter Chapt 2 the antichrist must be revealed. If you know prophecy then you know that doesn’t happen till midway the 7 year tribulation. So in the meantime readyour bible for yourself and seek your creator GOD AND HIS SON JESUS ” YAHWEY AND JESHUA” THIS IS WHAT GOD COMMANDS US TO DO AND TO LOVE OUR NIEGHBOR AS OURSELF DO THESE TWO COMMANDMENTS AND YOU WILL OBEY THE OTHER COMMANDMENTS

  32. Stranger

    Earth born, life born ,love born, The world words of god leave forever you witness the miracle until today the circle of life no ends????????


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