Top 10 Periscope Accounts to Follow

By | July 19, 2016

Periscope is a live-streaming app that helps you to broadcast whatever you’re seeing and hearing to whoever has an ear to bend. It’s like Snapchat’s Story feature, but it’s set in real-time. Twitter bought Periscope earlier this year, in an attempt to rival Meerkat, another live-streaming app that blew up last spring. Here are ten Periscope accounts to consider following:


1. Taco Bell | @TacoBell

Taco Bell once hosted a mock press conference on Periscope to showcase its new breakfast menu item, and invited its fans to stop by on Cinco de Mayo to enjoy a free breakfast burrito. I am sure there will be more broadcasts in the near future.


2. National Geographic | @NatGeo

The educational magazine and channel manages a Periscope account where they showcase all sorts of beautiful places around the world.


3. Eve Mayer | @LinkedInQueen

Social media guru and author Eve Mayer posts weekly videos with social media tips and updates.


4. Chris Hadfield | @cmdr_hadfield

One of the most famous contemporary astronauts used to send viral videos live from the International Space Station. Back when he’s on Earth, he’s using Periscope to continue his educational science videos. He’s made streams about the space station passing over Dublin and the spacesuits he’s used.


5. Motivation Depot| @Motivation Depot

Although I haven’t seen one of their scopes yet, their profile and name make their purpose super clear.  Their goal is to provide the world’s best inspirational and motivational content that will enable you to increase your personal power.


6. Ellen DeGeneres | @TheEllenShow

Comedian and talk show host Ellen DeGeneres is using Periscope too. Get an insider look into how the show is made.


7. Michelle Obama | @FLOTUS

Michelle Obama uses Vine, Instagram, Periscope, other platforms to reach young people. She offers valuable health tips and an insider look at her daily life as the First Lady.


8. Kim Garst | @kimgarst

Known otherwise as the “First Lady of Periscope,” social media expert Kim Garst has over 2m hearts and 21,000 followers. Word of Mouth is important to her and her Periscope videos teach followers about Growth Strategies and Sales. As well, check out her website for upcoming live streams.


9. Periscope | @periscopeco

This account accumulates the top and trending videos found on the Periscope platform.


10. Good Morning America | @GMA

The very successful morning show brings you behind-the-scenes views of the broadcast in addition to news breaks.


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