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By | November 28, 2015

There are literally millions of websites and blogs dedicated in some form or another to personal finance.  A Google search of “personal finance” brought 803 mil results in .37 seconds to be exact. With so many options, how can someone who is truly searching for the best advice and financial help choose?

There are many different areas in personal finance that it would be hard to do just a basic top ten. Instead, we’ll list the top website in ten personal finance areas: General personal finance, banking, budgeting, personal credit and debt, credit cards, deals and coupons, frugality, insurance, investing, and retirement.


1. Go Banking Rates – Banking Informational Website

Go Banking Rates – “We go everywhere your money goes,” is the catchy phrase used to describe their mission. Anything you need to know about interest rates, mortgage and home loans information, credit cards, and other important information regarding banking. Comprised of market research professionals, writers, and personal finance experts, their combined experience, knowledge, and keeping the pulse of new banking information will bring the knowledge you need when you need it.


2. Christian PF or Budgets are Sexy – Budgeting Blogs

Christian PF ranked higher according to Money Crashers rating, which measures followers, ranking, and subscribers. To be “politically correct,” we added the next best budget blog: Budgets are Sexy. Both are blogs full of information about creating and maintaining a personal budget and many tips on how to stretch a budget, savings, and wise spending.


3. Credit Karma – Personal Credit and Debt

At, provides a way to receive truly free credit scores, information on deciphering the information on a credit report, many tools to aid consumers in managing debt, their goal is, “to empower consumers to more actively manage their credit and their financial health.”


4. Credit Cards – Credit Cards

How easy is that to remember?! has some pretty awesome tools to help you find the best match for your credit card options and find you the lowest possible rate you would qualify for. You can search their database for the credit quality of cards you are considering, tools that help you manage your credit and cards, and includes news and advice specific to credit and credit cards. Often, their researchers break the news first and subsequently picked up by organizations such as NASDAQ, Forbes, MSNBC, and Yahoo! They also have an extensive blogging community that personalizes the credit game and helps you navigate this complicated world with ease and confidence.


5. Money Saving Mom and Coupon Mom – Deals and Coupons Blogs

Money Saving Mom and Coupon Mom – According to Facebook subscribers and page rank information, they are essentially in a dead heat, so both were worth mentioning. If you aspire to the likes of the TLC show Extreme Couponing, these blogs will help you coordinate your shopping based on available coupons in recent papers, online coupons, and matching them with sale flyers of local stores so that you can make your money stretch much further. Although, you don’t have to be an extreme coupon shopper to receive benefit from these hard working moms; if you are just looking to take your current grocery list and find the deals that match what you are already seeking, that’s probably a more balanced approach to the coupon craze. After all, do you really need 82 tubes of toothpaste?


6. Frugal Dad – Frugality

Frugal Dad – You can find many blogs online about frugal living…right down to eliminating all paper from the household. Yes, even toilet paper (shudders). However, Frugal Dad, who penned the e-book, “The 7-Day Turnaround: One Week to Change Your Family’s Financial Future” states that he has paid enough of his own “stupid tax” and wants to help you avoid common pitfalls and slick advertising that gets people in financial trouble. is about getting out of debt and then managing your money wisely. The e-book is free to anyone who subscribes.


 7. Car Insurance Calculator (.info)

Car Insurance Calculator (.info) is a great resource for people just starting out with a first car or getting out on their own policy. It provides many quotes based on basic information about driver, car, and location to give you the run down of what companies potentially will give you the best rates. It’s also great if you haven’t shopped for car insurance lately; it shows you the range to check and see if you’re within the premium range you want to be. There is also a wealth of information that will help consumers understand how auto insurance works.


8. Yahoo! Finance – Investing

Yahoo! created a complete personal finance section that provides easy investment tools for anyone who happens across their site. Companies’ income statements and balance sheets are easily accessed and studied by people who are playing in the investment market and want to keep a close eye and a tight grasp on the value of stocks and bonds. You can create your own financial portfolio, set up your daily ticker, and read breaking news in the world of investing.


9. Kiplinger Retirement – Retirement is on many top lists for retirement expertise and advice. No matter if retirement is around the corner or decades away, Kiplinger has tools that will help you get there in the best possible shape. There is also a forum available for interaction with other people interested in retirement preparation or who have made it there and offer advice.

We’d be remiss if we didn’t mention government websites: and They also provide information for how you apply for social security and what options you have for specific ages of retirement.


10. Money Crashers – General Personal Finance is a top guide to many areas of personal finance teeming with money management topics and news. Featured on WSJ, MSNBC, CBS, Forbes, US News and World Report, and many more, their website is essentially a community of writers and experts dedicated to bringing the consumer a wide range of helpful information in all areas of finance.


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  1. Joshua Greene

    I can’t really agree about Yahoo Finance, since the leak I’m finding it hard to trust them with my stuff.
    How about WalletHub? They’re pretty awesome, free daily updated credit score, and their guides are really useful. I guess you could add it under “Personal Finance”, or Credit stuff.


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