Top 10 Places Google Mysteriously Hides From You

By | February 8, 2016

Here are ten places that Google is hiding from you on its Maps.


10. The Michael Aaf Building, Utah

Michael Aaf Building

The dugway proving ground in Dugway, Utah is a region occupied by the U.S. army where the military tests biological and chemical weapons. In the 1990s, MAAF was associated with the NASA X-38 Crew Return Vehicle (CRV) program, for the International Space Station. That program, however, was canceled in 2002 due to budget cuts.


9. The Royal Palace, the Netherlands

Royal Palace

The Royal Palace in Amsterdam, The Netherlands joins a long list of places blurred on Google Maps, relating to the Dutch Royal Family. Everything surrounding the Palace is crystal clear, but the building itself remains heavily blurred.


8. Minami Torishima Airport, Japan

Minami Torishima Airport

The Minami Torishima Airport, a one-runway airport serving the island of Minami Torishima, is oversaturated with white on Google Maps. It is used by the Japan Maritime self-defense force.


7. Cornell University, Combined Heat and Power Plant, New York, USA

Cornell University Heat and Power Plant

The high-tech, eco-friendly facility generates electricity using natural gas as a part of the university’s effort to lower its carbon dioxide emissions. The plant was opened in 2010.


6. Babylon, Iraq

Baker Lake

The ancient city of Babylon in Iraq looks more like an endless farmland than a bustling city. That’s because Google doesn’t want you to find it on the map.


5. Russia


It’s not clear as to why this area of Russia is blurred out, especially since it’s located in the Siberian tundra. The closest city is Egvekinot, Russia. It may be another secret bunker or a secret prison that President Vladimir Putin uses to jail his opponents.


4. Baker Lake, Nunavut, Canada

Baker Lake

This zoomed-in screenshot shows a location in the Inuit nation of northern Canada. A man who only identifies himself as “Dr. Boylan” believes that the blacked out area seen above and those found in several other locations are blocking the locations of extraterrestrial beacons.


3. Colonel Sanders


The face of Kentucky Fried Chicken founder: on countless billboards, all over the Internet, and instantly recognizable, but he’s hidden from every eye in the world, on Google Earth. So, what is the reason for this strange blurring? According to a Google spokesperson, Colonel Sanders was a real person, and for security reasons, every human is supposed to be blurred on Google.


2. Pacific Northwest, USA

Pacific Northwest

When you locate the Pacific Northwest in USA, you will get Goosebumps. This site is located close to the Washington-Oregon border, there are various rumors attach to it, in which it has been said that the place has something to do with FEMA, HAARP or something like this. The site only has threatening fence and intact entrance.


1. Mobil Oil Corporation, Buffalo, NY

mobil oil corporation

Mobil Oil Corporation, Buffalo, NY, USA has distorted their facilities pictures on Google Maps for various valid reasons. The most prominent reason being this place might be one the terrorist attack target, but no official reason has been given.


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