Top 10 Poisonous Foods We Love To Eat

By | October 4, 2015

Our body needs energy, thus, we need to eat. Eating your daily meal is definitely part of your life. There is no other way to live your life on earth other than eating. Choosing the right an healthy foods would be the most preferable way in order to maintain a healthy life. Some people are actually having some trouble in choosing the right foods since they are not sure whether these foods are free from poison. It is really hard to choose the right food to eat if you do not know those foods that can poison you any time. There are foods that you think they are free from poison when they are not. In this case, you really need to be familiar with the food you eat so that you will not experience any signs and symptoms of poison attack or worse, it could lead you to death. Here are the top ten most poisonous foods we love to eat.


10. Mushrooms

Have you ever heard of toadstools? If you do, then you probably know that they are poisonous. Yes, they are poisonous and what you do not know is that they are the mushrooms that grows on you backyard. Toadstools is actually a slang word for “poisonous mushroom.” Not really all the mushrooms are poisonous, thus there are significant signs that you can identify whether it is poisonous to eat or not.


9. Puffer Fish

There was a report of an embarrassing deaths due to an intake of a poisonous liver of the fugu. Fugu is actually more known as the puffer fish. In Japan, they really hire an expert chef who knows how to cook this fugu in order to satisfy their customers. In fact, only the flesh of the fugu is taken and prepared since it contains less poison, this is the reason why it is one of the most poisonous foods that most people love to eat.


8. Elderberry

Most people really suffer form discomforts if they happen to eat this kind of food. This is actually one of the most poisonous foods that most people love to eat. The parts of the elderberry are highly poisonous, thus eating without any precautions will definitely lead you to severe stomach problems. It is very important that you only eat the flower of elderberry since it is the free from poison.


7. Castor Oil

It is not only through consuming this oil that you will be poisoned. In fact, those people who are collecting the seeds in the fields are suffering from terrible side-effects. Castor oil are prepared well in order to prevent any danger to those who will consume it since its bean in the one that is so deadly.


6. Almonds

You cannot really imagine that your favorite almonds are one of the top ten most poisonous foods that people love to eat. This is a very shocking fact that you cannot really think about. Its high and full content of cyannide really makes it very poisonous, however, almonds that are sold this time are not heat-treated to remove traces of poison and bacteria.


5. Cherries

What really makes cherries as one of the top ten most poisonous foods that people love to eat, when in fact, this is very useful and delicious. Everytime you chewed, crushed or even make a slight scratch on your cherries, they are actually producing prussic acid or the hydrogen cyanide, which is very dangerous and deadly.


4. Apple

Most fruits are included on the top ten list of the top ten most poisonous foods that most people love to eat due to its cyanide content. Apple also do have a high cyanide content, thus it makes it one of those poisonous foods. Just be careful not to chew or swallow the seed of the apple since it is the one that contains the cyanide.


3. Rhubarb

This plant is actually very underrated since it produces some of the nicest tasting puddings and it easily grows around your backyard. When preparing this food, you really need to be careful since its leaves contain a high amount of corrosive acid that can poison your body. Only the stems are edible and you can even use it as a laxative.


2. Tomatoes

How can you prepare your favorite dish without any tomatoes? Tomatoes have some interesting facts that will surely amazed you.This kind of vegetable “Glycoalkaloid,” which can cause an extreme nervousness and stomach upsets. This poisonous content of tomatoes can be highly found on its leaves and stems.


1. Potatoes

Potatoes are the most poisonous foods that people love to eat. In fact, there are a lot of delicious food preparation that you can do with this ingredient. Preparing this food may not be very dangerous when you know which part of the plant you would include in your dish. All you need to make sure is to disregard its stem and leaves since these are the ones that contain the poisonous substance.

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