Top 10 Rarest Animals in the World

By | November 1, 2015

There are a thousand of animal species on earth; some of them visible to the eyes, while others hide in their microscopic sizes. Today we will tackle some of these amazing species which could be or not known to a lot of people, race or ethnicity. Zoologists who have been studying these creatures are still fascinated from time to time. How much more for simple individuals like us? In this list, I will not be claiming these animals are really the top of the line when it comes to rarity but somehow close to real.

As long as they don’t exist in your backyard or in any common forest or Eco-park, I believe they would qualify. Yet, to make sure this list doesn’t overdo simplicity, we’ll try to pick some animal species which are at least not so famous that really make them rare in our common lives. Let’s start with No.10:


10. Yeti Crab

Believe it or not, but what you’re seeing on top is definitely a crab! It looks like a hairy spider isn’t it? Or rather the back is shaped like a beetle. It looks like a white hairy beetle with spider tentacles. This unusual crab with no eyes at all was discovered in 2005 on a hydrothermal vent not far from Easter Island. This crab was responsible for the existence of a new genus in biology called “Kiwa” which is named after the goddess of selfish.


9. Venezuelan Poodle Moth

We all know that poodles are a breed of dogs. But wait a poodle moth? We know moths can fly and can play with fire sometimes, but not dogs. Poodles for God’s sake might be the worst. They are a bunch of cute creatures dressed in their beautiful robe like hairs. This alien looking moth was discovered in Venezuela in the year 2009. They are named so-called due to the thick body covers they possess like that of a poodle.


8. Okapi

When I saw firsthand the picture of this animal, I can’t help but be confused. It looks like a combination of a bunch of farm animals that we already know. Its body built looks like that of a horse, or a cow, or even to a certain extent, a muscular as of a carabao. The face of this animal though resembles that of a giraffe and yet its legs have strips and colors like that of a zebra. You may think this animal’s a fictional figure but this is a native to the Democratic Republic of the Congo in Central Africa.


7. Indian Purple Frog

In the level of rarity, this creature sure passes our criteria. It’s a frog species, but probably one of those slimy types in their class. Further, its color is so unusual, their body and size are usually bloated like that of a balloon and the most unusual feature they possess is their pointy snout. It certainly doesn’t look like a frog to be exact. These frog species are found in India spending only two weeks a year on the surface of the earth and spends the rest of its life in mating. Unlike many other burrowing species of frogs that emerge and feed above the ground, this species has been found to forage underground, feeding mainly on termites using their tongue and a special buccal groove.


6. Glaucus Atlanticus

I would like to call this creature a living legend. Certainly, this one could not be found anywhere and doesn’t really look like a combination of any backyard creatures but resembles that of a legendary creature, the dragon. And what more, this one is a blue dragon which makes it look even more fictional. This creature is a species of blue slug that normally leaves in warm oceans.


5. Goblin Shark

This strange looking creature is often called a living fossil since it’s the only remaining lineage of the family Mitsukurinidae which could be traced back at least 125 million years old. Now that’s a really big thing isn’t it? Unfortunately for us, these sharks inhabit at depths no less than 330 ft which makes it hard for them to be seen live. Adults are even said to inhabit the ocean at even greater depth. Various anatomical features of the goblin shark, such as its flabby body and small fins, suggest that it is sluggish in nature.


4. The Bush Viper

Vipers are known for their reputation as one of those creepy venomous snakes which are scattered in every forest of the world except for some countries where it is rarely found. This certain type of viper however could only be found in the tropical forests of Africa. Due to its being a carnivore, it lives most of its life up in the trees. Perhaps the coolest feature of this snake is its scales which make it look like it’s really a bush. Well, as long as you recognize its eyes, you should be safe.


3. Pygmy Three-Toed Sloth

At a first glance you’d really think this could be a piece of trash or something. Maybe an aftermath from a flash flood perhaps? It can’t be helped, it really look as such. But this creature is a breathing one and is an animal that has the right to live. These creatures could be found in the small island off coast to Panama called Isla Escudo de Veraguas. Basing on a study made some few years ago, there are only 79 species left of this kind.


2. Penis Snake

Could you imagine a penis crawling into your backyard or taking a stroll in the park? Or worst, being caged in the zoo. This male-organ looking creature is not actually a snake; it is one of those limbless amphibians without lungs and with rings around its body like those of an earthworms. Throughout history, only two of these species had been discovered and preserved since 1998 and in 2011, another live species was discovered.


1. Panda Ant

This last creature of the ten rarest animal species over the world deserves it its own slot. The species got its name due to its look which really resembles that of a Chinese giant panda. This creature belongs to the family called Multilidae which are a family of more than 3,000 species of wasps. The females of this specific species are known for their extremely painful stings and for their panda looking appearance. In Chile, they are commonly called cow ant or cow killer.

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