Top 10 Things Not To Share on Facebook

By | July 22, 2015

Facebook has made such a very big impact on the lives of people on this generation. This number one social networking site in the world is already part of our everyday lives. It serves as everyone’s own personal yet public diary, journal. No matter how much you information you disclose about yourself in Facebook, there is always a limitation. Here are top 10 things you shouldn’t share on Facebook.


10. Private Messages:

Why would you even share these private messages if yours with people you don’t know on Facebook? But in case you do, then you have to think twice about doing it again. Private messages are called “private” for a reason. That is also why chat boxes are created because you don’t have to post your messages on your friend’s wall and vice versa. This will only allow more people to be able to read your conversation and there will also be those that will get annoyed at you for being too public. Just keep your messages confidential so you won’t have any problem.


9. Home Address:

This includes those who organize parties at their homes and make their home information readily available on event pages. Your home address should definitely never be on any of your social networking sites. You wouldn’t want creepers and stalkers to stay right out of your house and you could have avoided that if you just only kept that information among you and you relatives and real friends. This will just make you be more vulnerable to the dangers of sharing the most private information about you on the web. You would not want all the people to know where you live, especially the ones that you don’t know personally.


8. Birth Date:

Sharing your birth date on Facebook can be very tempting because if you do, then all of your Facebook friends will know about your special day and you get lots and lots of messages wishing you to have good one. Even from the people that you don’t know. However, you shouldn’t do this because you real friends and family is enough to make your birthday special and they are the ones that truly remember it even without you telling them about. They may even get you a huge birthday surprise.


7. Personal Trips:

Important to read for people who like to update their status while they are on vacation. Posting about how you will be away from your home for a week won’t be very beneficial for your safety. Telling everyone about your trip away from home might just invite burglars to come in your home and take away your stuff. You do not want to come to a house fresh from your much-enjoyed vacation, only to find out that you don’t have things in your house anymore and it has been opened forcefully. So you have to be careful on what you say on the internet and keep in mind that everyone can read it.


6. Confidential Company Information:

If you have a job that bugs you so much that you complain about it on Facebook, then you should never do something like this again. You can’t share any information about your company that might reach the eyes or ears of those that can put this information to bad use. You can’t risk something like that to happen because it is not only that will get affected but other people as well. You have to remember that company information is confidential and you should try to practice that. Just take a deep breath when you can’t take it anymore rather than ranting about it online.


5. Personal Number:

This should definitely be on top of the list because your personal number should not be seen anywhere on Facebook. Again, there are those people that looks for victims on the internet nowadays and having such a valuable piece of information like this posted online and for everyone to see will just increase the risk of you being one of those victims. It is very evident that technology nowadays have improved so much and alongside this is that people with bad intentions utilize technology to look for more and clever ways to harm people.


4. Copy Paste Status Updates:

There are those pages in Facebook that spreads wrong facts and information. This not only happens in Facebook but to other social networking sites as well such as Twitter, Tumblr and Google plus. So you have to be one of those responsible cyber users who check their right sources first before spreading the news. False news includes celebrities that died but on the other hand, they are very much alive. Perhaps people spread rumours like this for publicity, for fun our even out of boredom. So be careful what you copy and paste on your status updates.


3. Personal Financial Information:

How you handle your personal financial information is nor for everyone to see on Facebook. You know what they say, for your eyes only or for those that are involved. Whether you are struggling or doing well, sharing something like this is not Facebook worthy because you will come as a bragger or just noisy complainer. So instead of posting about, why not actually do something about like working harder or saving it for a more important future use? It is all up to you.


2. Password Hints:

Who in the right mind would even share their passwords on Facebook or even in other social networking sites? But just in case, let us remind everyone that this is definitely a no-no! You would not want to people to pry in to your most personal accounts and discover secrets such as pictures or even messages. Try also to have the most uncommon password you can think of so that it is not easy to hack.


1. Inappropriate Photos:

Believe it or not, there are inappropriate photos in Facebook like those that involve malicious messages. One way to stop them from spreading is that if people stop from sharing. It is as simple as that.

Each one of us can now be a responsible netizen and not post the following top 10 things not to be shared on Facebook. Even though being able to say or share or post anything on the web is freedom of expression, there are also limitations of social media that we have to know to be able to protect our own safety and keep out identity.

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