Top 10 Warning Signs of Social Media Addiction

By | July 6, 2015

Last year’s social media update from the Pew Research Center found that Facebook continues to be the most popular of the social media sites. Though platform growth has slowed down somewhat, user engagement, on the other hand, has not. 70% of active users on the social network engage with the site daily, while 45% do so at multiple times a day — an increase by 63% since 2013. More importantly, Facebook has significant overlap with other platforms. 52% of online adult Facebook users are members of two or more social networks, another increase since 2013 statistics. But, are these increased numbers a sign of enjoyment or addiction?

Here are the top ten warning signs of social media addiction you should watch out for:



I created this video out of concern for some people who are obsessed with social media to the point that they drive their friends and followers nuts. I was going through my Facebook requests and events last night. While rummaging carefully not to delete anything important, I was mortified to see the enormous amount of spam requests, in particular games requests that I don’t even play. I then got a message from one of my Facebook friends who was pleading for me to enroll in the game so that she can earn credits.


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