Top 10 Ways to Lose Followers on Twitter

By | July 12, 2016

Some people find Twitter to be intimidating, scary, and unnerving. If you ask me, it’s none of those but could be a bit confusing at first. When you break it down, it’s simply about using common sense and acting like a decent human being. Here are ten ways not to lose followers on Twitter:


1. Post the Wrong Stuff

If I signed up to follow you because of your professional opinions, don’t start telling me about the bad sushi you had last night. While varying your content to some extent can keep things interesting, your voice needs to be consistent.s.


2. Post Too Little

By the same token, if you hardly ever post at all, you are likely not to make the cut when users periodically edit the list of people/places/things they are following.


3. Be Self-Serving

Sure, the whole idea of marketing is to market your products and services and self. But people don’t follow you to get fed a bunch of self-serving fluff about your company and its products. They want to be informed or entertained or rewarded in some way. Make sure you are providing something of substance in your tweets — early announcements of new products, links to coupons, ideas for using your products in new and innovative ways and so on.


4. Never Retweet, Favorite Or Follow

Social media is in large part a game of tit for tat. If you never retweet posts or follow others, you are not keeping your part of the social contract.


5. Sell! Sell! Sell!

One of my personal bugbears is people who describe themselves as ‘guru’ or ‘expert’. Maybe you are, but please have some humility! I’ve also come to despise overly corporate or salesy custom backgrounds. By all means customise your background (in fact, I recommend it), but please don’t try to sell to me before I’ve even made contact.


6. Automate Responses

Posting for the sake of posting, especially using automated systems, gets old fast. Make sure your company is not relying solely on timed, automated responses.


7. Post Too Much & Too Often

It’s amazing how many organizations, especially publishers, dump all of their content onto social media sites at once. And it seems like it almost always happens at the end of the day. Although you don’t want to overuse it, scheduled posting can be a very helpful tool in making sure that your content is spread out at times when people are most likely to appreciate it.


8. Endless Private Messages

Anything more than 5 tweets needs to be taken offline – to direct messages. If you have a heap of information and want to chat to someone in more detail, make a phone call or send an email. I’ll have read something that has not given any insight on a relevant subject or topic and you basically wasted nearly ten minutes of my time


9. Use All Caps to Tweet

It’s okay to ACCENT words and get your point across here and there, but don’t yell the entire conversation. Each tweet should be written with the sensitive needs of the readers in mind.


10. Don’t Evolve

Social platforms such as Twitter are changing all of the time, and so, too, must social business practices. You should be able to demonstrate a willingness — or, better yet, an eagerness — to relatively quickly incorporate new features that will add value to your customers. (And don’t forget to Tweet about the changes.)


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