Top 10 YouTube Marketing Tips & Tricks

By | August 18, 2015

Here are 10 important tips to consider when YouTube Marketing:


YouTube Tip #1:

If a photo is worth a thousand words, imagine what a video will be worth once it’s on YouTube. You’ll be enhancing, not undermining, your other Internet fans if you push your efforts onto the largest video browsing channel on the web. If given a choice between watching something or reading about it, most people will readily admit that they’d rather sit back in my chair and view a video than read.


YouTube Tip #2:

Buy a good camera; your smartphone may not be the best choice. This point should be an obvious one, but I’m surprised at just how many videos I’ve seen that were horribly made. Even I’ve uploaded a few videos that I’d give an F to if I was my own teacher! I’ve experimented with a variety of tools and am continuously looking at newer, better ways to create my collations.


YouTube Tip #3:

High resolution = high quality. While it’s okay to record in a standard format, 16:9 (widescreen) is a much better option. If you can record your videos in high definition, do it. 1280×720 pixels is the “HD” resolution on YouTube. The good news is that you can record in this size without spending much more than $100 these days – it’s quite affordable, and the results are much better.


YouTube Tip #4:

Lighting. If you are doing a product review or demonstration, the lighting is of utmost importance. People need to see what it is you are selling. While you don’t necessarily need stage lighting, using sufficient light to project the details within your scene is crucial to selling something via video.


YouTube Tip #5:

Create a scene. Think about what’s sitting behind you when you are recording yourself or the product. It’s very difficult to take someone seriously if behind them is a messed up bed and junk scattered all over their dresser or desk. Yes, this may be your “lifestyle,” but it’s not something viewers will enjoy.


YouTube Tip #6:

Find your voice. If you don’t have much oomph on camera, you might as well not record it. Let the real you shine through, and if you’re not very energetic… consider sticking to the written form of communication…that is if you can write.


YouTube Tip #7:

Be yourself. If you’re using YouTube to promote discussions around what you like, then the worst thing you could do is come across as monotone and boring. There are going to be people who will accuse you of being as boring as a waling lion, but that doesn’t make it any less so if you’re… yourself.


YouTube Tip #8:

Think about doing something in live streaming mode. Not only is it good practice, but people in your community may record your stream “behind the scenes” and post those clips on their own YouTube account, to which you are able to embed in your own blog, link to from your YouTube account, etc. This could help build your community and get you more recognition and views.


YouTube Tip #9:

Keep it short. Short videos have greater engagement and more possibility of CTA.


YouTube Marketing Tip #10:

You can turn any video you’ve created into a GIF by adding “gif” just after the “www.” in the URL. For example “”


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