Toronto Pedestrian Punches Cyclist For Cutting Him Off

By | July 28, 2015

An angry pedestrian was caught on video confronting a cyclist on the new Queen’s Quay bike lane at Lower Simcoe in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, eventually punching him in the face. Check out the confrontation:



Something about cyclists seems to provoke fury in other travelers: drivers and pedestrians alike. If you doubt this, try doing a search for the word “cyclist” on Twitter. I came across one tweet: “Had enough of cyclists today! Just wanna ram them with my car.” This kind of comment would get people locked up if directed against an ethnic minority or religion, but it seems to be fair game, in many people’s minds, when directed against cyclists in general.

Cyclists should be held accountable for safe driving. If they break the rules, they should receive consequences. Plain and simple. If we allow too much anarchy, cyclists will keep doing what they do and impede on others’ freedom.

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